3 shot dead at a US primary school

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Fetch Fletch, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Fetch Fletch

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    If he didn't have easy access to a gun he may have found help :cry: fucking tragic, all in the name of "rights"
  2. elder

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    5 dead, barely qualifies for a #thoughtsAndPrayers over there these days
  3. dom

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    People actually want this!
  4. Dan..Dan..Dan..Dan

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  5. PTR

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    If those 6 year olds had guns, this would never have happeend
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  6. scraff

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    What about the dinner ladies? Also hall monitors should by default be armed with flamethrowers and uzis
  7. Malloy

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    Does anyone know if a mass shooting has been stopped in its tracks by a member of the public shooting the deranged shooter?

    Keep hearing the argument for people to have guns so they can stop situations like this, but haven't actually heard of anyone stopping a gunman.
  8. scraff

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    That is fucking horrible, must have been in a very dark place poor kid.
  9. A lot more domestic gun violence under Trump than Obama ? Certainly feels like it
  10. safcforever

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    I agree. I'll be getting myself a new one for Christmas

    Not a mass shooting but there was a story in Illinois a few month back where a truck driver was being robbed at gun point. The truck driver blew the robbers head off with a shotgun.
    If he never had that gun that attack or the next attack might have seen an innocent dead
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  11. daventry cat

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    last man standing

    exactly all discerning americans should have a shotgun for up close and something automatic for getting indiscriminate with a crowd
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  12. Slippery Jim

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    Would you be happy for us in the UK to have as many guns per capita as they do in the US?

    Do you think that would make us safer?

    Why do you think the death rate for gun related homicides is greater per capita in the US than in the UK?

    Opposite happened in Texas. All the yahoos heard gunfire and pulled out their guns. The cops couldn't tell who was the original shooter.

    Logic never applies to NRA types.
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  13. RokerLegend

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    Woooooosh ya fucker
  14. AlpineExile

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    Nah, it was stopped by the teachers simply locking the doors. The gunman himself was stopped by the police:

    << Staff at Rancho Tehama Reserve School went into lockdown, securing school doors after hearing nearby gunshots.
    Authorities praised the teachers actions as "monumental" in saving "countless" lives.
    Police confirmed one child was shot at the school after the gunman fired into it. Others were hurt by broken glass.
    Police later confronted the gunman in a stolen vehicle, shooting and killing him. He was named locally as 43-year-old Kevin Neal. >>

  15. safcforever

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    I fully agree that automatic weapons should be banned. I'm also in the single round weapons camp. Nobody outside the military should ever need one.
  16. AlpineExile

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