2 XBox Consoles - 1 Gamertag

Discussion in 'Games and games consoles' started by BDI, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. BDI

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    I've given my XBOX One console to my son (meaning he now has 2) so he can play both at home and at his grandmas (def not!)

    He currently has a few games installed from dashboard including Fornite Battle Royal.

    He wants to sync up both consoles so all the games installed here, then appear on the second console.

    I've reset the console, and he'll be using the same GT has he does here.

    Is that possible, or would he need to reinstall from scratch, and does progress follow you from Console to Console. We've looked online but cant find owt?

  2. peterleeblackcat

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    If he signs in on the other console with his GT, then any games owned digitally will be in the Ready to Install section, where he can download them again. All his saves will be available om both consoles as well as they save to the cloud
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  3. __howdy__

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    Yes he can, but they can't be used onliine simultaneously
  4. BDI

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    well, he cant be in two places at one ;)

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