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    KENT-FTM Midfield

    "Don't Talk" by 10000 Maniacs just being played on Teatime Themetime on the Radcliffe and Maconie Show on BBC6 Music.

    Had forgotten just what an absolutely cracking track it is. Takes me right back to 1988......what a voice that Nathalie Merchant has:cool:
  2. Our Time in Eden is one of my all-time favourite albums
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  3. Saw them at the Kentish town and Country Club (forum) a long long long time ago. I hadnt heard of them up until that point but my mate dragged me along.

    actuallu it migth have been natalie Merchant as solo just as she left the maniacs.. 1991 or 1992 therabouts

    KENT-FTM Midfield

    One of the great London music venues. Seen many a concert there over the years.

    Loved the raised back section and bar at the back.
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  5. Ohh I thought you were on about this place?
  6. Attendance at the next home match?
  7. used to go for late nigth drinkign too around that time.

    I also remember seeing "the Stray Cats"... top night
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    KENT-FTM Midfield

    1988 I seemed never out of the venue - The Primitives, All About Eve, Darling Buds, 10000 Maniacs....that 87/88 scene.

    Great times.
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    JAZZMANB Striker

    Got more solo stuff,saw her at the Sage few years back doing the Leave your sleep album,outstanding
    Probably my favourite track
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  10. Vinyl Score

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  11. mickb2112

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    She`s great. I saw her at The Sage a few years ago where she pretty much performed her whole new album which hadn`t been released at the time (If I recall correctly) but even with unfamiliar material she sounded wonderful.

    Just spotted this beauty too to mop up the gaps in my collection:

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    JAZZMANB Striker

    Same gig i was at ,the album had been released,the one where she told the story of the tracks etc ?
  13. mickb2112

    mickb2112 Winger

    I think so. I hadn`t got it at that point but I did buy it on the night at the merch stall.

    JAZZMANB Striker

    It was her dig into the past of nursery rhymes etc after the birth of her daughter and digging up some old folk tunes with a story behind them.Great gig
  15. Crayola-Kid

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    Saw them in Glasgow around 89, I think. Blind Man's Zoo tour. She's a talent with a unique voice. This girl's voice reminds me of her at times
  16. Dan..Dan..Dan..Dan

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    Saw them at a small club in London, maybe 1992. The Orange or something similar. On drums was Max Weinberg from the E-Street band. Had to apply for tickets by post, blank cheque, SAE, hand printed tickets...seems a lifetime ago.
  17. cluffy

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    Loved that song. And in my tribe.
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  18. cosmicchris00

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    Not been for a while, but but noticed it is now an O2

    Is it still good?

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