RR “Sunderland are 4 days from Wembley - why are we all talking about a f**king football strip?!”

I think I will speak about what I like, the games not till Sunday and its not today.

To be honest I think some see a summer mostly without football, and are a little concerned maybe;)
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“I can’t understand why, just four days out from the biggest game in Sunderland’s recent history, we’re all talking about a f*cking football strip” writes @Gav1879. Despite being just days from yet another trip to Wembley, the topic dominating the discussion isn’t about the upcoming League One Play-Off Final at England’s national stadium but,...

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Because some people need to whine about something, anything to do with the club.
Not happy unless they are having a right good moan.


Absolutely stupid article that. How dare people talk about anything other than the match 4 days before it. Ridiculously childish. :lol:

So what if people are discussing a kit? Like it makes a difference to what'll happen Sunday :lol::lol::lol::lol: