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Discussion in 'Games and games consoles' started by jacko100, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. jacko100

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    Videos on re-learning game controls for me.

    I'm brutal for putting a game down for a few weeks/months then coming back to it and not having a clue how to play the bloody thing. Currently I'm midway through God of War, bought the DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn and I haven't a clue how to play either of them anymore. Absolutely loved Horizon and found it easy at the end but with the DLC I'm getting battered by things I would've brushed off before

    C'mon then someone, help me out here, I'm not starting all over just to re-learn the controls!
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    I listen sometimes to the Xbox Major Nelson podcast, and he as a senior person at Xbox has on a number of occasions said he would like game designers to include an in game tutorial that you can jump into at any point.

    It's bizarre to me that games don't do this, because I often come back to a game I haven't looked at for sometime and think, wtf am I doing.
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  3. jacko100

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    its a no brainer really, or maybe they just want us to move on and buy their newest release, conspiracy theories abound!

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