Your whole essence, your whole being, your hairstyles over the years


Shirt back and sides 60s
Longer unkempt 70s
wedge type thing early 80s
ponytail or down in a Wonder stuff styley late 80s
shaved with pony tail 90s,cut shorter but still one length late 90s
Fringe and over ears Owen wilson style 00s then eventually quite short with bit on top to present day

cant understand the 40 year olds with their school spike
Short back and sides, long, long and permed, short and permed, a straight bob, a curly bob, long and layered, shoulder length and layered, short bob, long and layered, a short layered bob (it's just about long enough to partially get back in a small ponytail these days. It's been dyed brown, black, red, pink, blonde and these days I've just embraced the grey as I'm not looking to impress anyone these days :lol:. I couldn't give a fuck anymore, but I'm thankful I'm not balding xx
Council haircut as a kid, me ma chopping at it with blunt scissors
Number 2 arl over
Short back and sides

Always been leading edge hair fashionista to be honest

The soap powder

Central Defender
wavey uncontrolable blonde as small kid
Side flick as a teenager
about 16 gazza cut with a moustache OMG I was cool
late teens let it grow mullet with highlights loved it
Skin head for a good few year when the grey started
Now grey flick with grey beard growing old gracefully

the boot

Bowl cut until I was old enough for barbers.
Short back and sides till I was old enough to go myself.
Short back and sides till was old enough to pay myself.
Short back and sides till I was old enough to get the courage to change.
Number 2 army.
Then I had class hair for about 6/7 year.
Short back and sides from then till now.

Avatar is basically me from 5 year old to 20. I was due a cut by the looks of it.
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Seaham Towny

Age 1 to 8 - the bowl cut
Age 8 to 15 - 2 all over
Age 16 to 19 - the mullet, long at the back, short on the sides, styled on top.
Age 20 to 22 - the 'let it grow', was down to me shoulders at one stage and curly at the edges, bit like Messi when he broke through at Barca
Age 23 to 28 - 1 on the back and sides, product on the top
Present - Turks who do the above except they shave a line at the parting, tidy stray hair with a razor and then spray lemon on you. First barbers I've tipped.


1-12 - Naturally curly hair plastered down flat with Cossack or Falcon hairspray
11-16 - No discernible style whatsoever
16-20 - Morrissey phase, got more extreme until it was just a skinheed with a massive quiff
20-25 - Similar short back and sides with a less extreme quiff
25-52 - The curls were allowed to come into their own. Now have a Michael Sheen/Alan Davies look. Occasionally go a bit mullety if I haven't had it cut for a while. Stiil sporting a full head of lustrous hair. Suck on that ya baldy twats.

Seriously, it’s not nice and it’s not right. Jokes are one thing, abuse is quite another.
I know its just a joke man, there was a campaign on facebook to cull gingers to get them out of the gene pool. Last ginger standing wins a lifetime supply of hair dye. I made that last bit up but there have been a few ginger memes kicking about. I still laugh even though I'm a ginger myself its nowt to be ashamed of.
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