Your whole essence, your whole being, your hairstyles over the years

As a ginger I asked for a sex pistols haircut the haircutter said that will be 1 shave across the head without the guard from front to back I said nar it doesn't matter just a trim.

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Bowl haircut as a young child which turned into a bob around the age of 8 until 15 when I got a girls indie cut (think Louise from Sleeper). Hated it, so grew it all out. Ended up looking like Ozzy Osbourne for a bit before sorting it out and getting a heavy fringe put in. Its been there ever since, I just mess around with the length of the sides. Atm its long.

Always been dark brown.


Curly blond ringlets as a toddler
Standard school boy haircut till about 13.
Skin/Suede head (inch long) short cut, then a boot boy /bay city roller centre parting, got into the underground northern soul scene and went back to the short sued head length which I have now had for 40+ years.
Tried some more coiffed styles for one cut but it's too much faff for me and always go back to the towel dry and leave it job.
Beatles when young.
Rod Stewart in my mid years.
Now a number two shaved around the back and sides and a few spikes on top.
Still a full head of hair but a splattering of grey. Look like a bastard badger.


4 to 12 any hair, 12 to 16 90s style curtains 16 to 19 nirvana attempts of long hair. 19 to current bald


Beatles mop top as a bairn
No 1 all over from a young age till
30s mid life crisis, shoulder length thick hair, looked like I was in a 70s glam rock band
Mid 30s to present - kind of an undercut Tommy Robinson thing, enough on the top to style, depending on a barber listening to me and not massacring it.

Looking back, wasted a lot of years with a daft skinheed that didn't even suit me. Fortunate to have not gone bald and get a second chance.
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Typical bowl hairstyles given to lads in the 1970s
Started to grow it out when I was around 12 when I got into rock/metal. Unfortunately I hit puberty as well so the hormones played silly buggers with my hair so I ended up looking like a bog brush - which is what everyone at my school thought as well so the name stuck.
Joined the army when I was 17 and it was a short back and sides - if anyone was at Depot REME in the 1980s then they’ll know Mad Cyril the demon barber of Arborfield was someone not to mess with.
After basic training it was pretty much the same short back and sides or every now snd sgain a number 2, although I did go through a flat top phase in the late 80s - in hindsight I looked like a right knob.
Hair stayed the same (short back and sides) until I reached 35/36 where it started falling out at a rapid rate. At that point I went to a number 2 all over, then to a number 1 until I reached my early 40s when I just decided to shave it all off with a razor, which is where I’m at now, at 53 although I use a Skullshaver electric razor now which is just as good as a disposable one.

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As a kid it was always short back and sides.
I remember wearing plastic sandals and a little greyish blazer type jacket (not school uniform).
Into my teens I started wearing sta pressed trousers or wrangler jeans, took up to match in with the top of my dr Marten's long boots or my stable boots with segs in.
A Harrington jacket and a black Fred Perry T-shirt with braces and a skinhead, later to become a young deliberate baldy.

Grew out of the skinhead stuff and wore jeans and trainers or shoes but jeans to the ankle, not half way up my leg. My hair as short but enough to have a bit of a parting type thing to one side.

Today I'm still a jeans and trainers and T-shirt bloke with a near baldy head, unintentional...just life.


Was always shaved when I was a youngun as I used to swim a lot so hair was a chew on, bald head meant no swim caps etc as I hated them.

Got to 16 and had short back and sides for a bit, then went to college and grew it long, 17 I had a blonde emo sweep dyed in, think flock of seagulls.

Kept it longish (minus the fringe) till I was about 21, then went back to short back and sides.

At 23 it started dropping out and I’ve been back to skinhead since then, much easier!


od knows what till I was about 9..

the Wedgie 80's

the undercut Shaun Ryder 90's

the French Crop mid to late '90s

The short back and sides, sort of spikey/messy on top 00's

the I've got 35-ish and looking like Schteve McLaren Islands appearing in my mane clippered grade 0 arl date.

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First haircut I remember getting was a “Brian Connolly” off The Sweet.

In my teens I discovered henna which helped With my spikey Ziggy look inc shaved eyebrows! From there I had a bit of a “Phil Oakey” followed by bleach blonde and a disastrous perm.

Stayed blonde for a bit. This was early 80’s and used to get called Lady Di !

Cut it short but still blonde - what my Dad used to call my “lesbian haircut”

Experimented with red and short then grew it and went back to blonde which is what it is now - mid length but sometimes I whack some pink in. Not seen my natural hair colour for 30 years and now my roots are coming through grey I’m not about to embrace the look. In my head I’m still 25.