Your Most Prized Bike (as a kid)

Discussion in 'SMB' started by CW7, Oct 10, 2018.



    Yella striker
  2. Lester1979

    Lester1979 Winger

    A Raleigh Wildcat. It had sirens and black plastic everywhere. :cool:
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  3. Lefty Frizzell

    Lefty Frizzell Midfield

    I've been trying to remember. I think it was just sound effects, maybe a roar and possibly a laser sound?! Was cool as fuck like. Got nicked as well...from outside my house, whilst I went in for my tea!!
  4. socrates

    socrates Striker

    never had one. neither did my sister or brother.

    me dad worked down the pit until 1963 when I was 13. we just couldnt afford it.

    i had a great bogey though made with pram wheels.
  5. Kuwahara Laserlite Teardrop frame all with upgraded parts, mostly bought from Kawasaki World - beat the shit out of the Raleigh Pro Burner.
  6. Shivafever

    Shivafever Goalkeeper

    Shame it wasn’t a tracking device! I had a Raleigh medal road bike. Rode it for miles. Loaned it to loads of mates. Eventually got nicked outside 7-11 on north end road. Miss that bike.
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  7. Hue Jorgan

    Hue Jorgan Midfield

    My blue grifter but boy they weighed a tonne
  8. x ALiEN 8

    x ALiEN 8 Midfield

    I had a blue Raleigh Boxer that I loved but my most prized was my Raleigh Super Tuff Burner with Reynolds 531 oval tubing, that thing was the nuts :cool:.
  9. Falconhoof

    Falconhoof Winger

    Raleigh Ultra Burner. Those were the boyos :cool:
  10. the boot

    the boot Midfield

    Budgie then a bomber.

    I had no choice in either of these.
  11. Bob Fleming

    Bob Fleming Striker

    Probably my Burner But I still remember the feeling when my dad rolled out a grifter for me. Upgrading from a striker.

    Loved it. Me dad spray painted it too.
  12. jackynutmeg

    jackynutmeg Winger

    two things would survive a nuclear holocaust.....cockroaches and Raleigh Grifters
  13. mickyw

    mickyw Full Back

    I had a white Raleigh Mag Burner with black skys, it was class and seemed fast as fuck, how I ironic I went on to support the lads......although I don't burn mags ;)
  14. Bob Fleming

    Bob Fleming Striker

    Cockroaches riding grifters within 20 years.
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  15. Dr Feelgood

    Dr Feelgood Full Back

    Green Mk1 Chopper - fur on seat grab handle and twin rear view mirrors on handlebars
  16. Fred Army

    Fred Army Winger

    Gold Raleigh Super Burner
  17. DaveH

    DaveH Striker

    I was never that good with stunt bikes, but got a Raleigh Winner racer bike and nobody could beat me for speed:

    I remember wanting a new bike for a couple of years, but my parents held back because I was growing too fast. This seemed huge when I got it, but I still out grew it. It lived in my parents garage for years, until I loaned it to a mate at Uni. He didn't lock it up and it got nicked within a few weeks.
  18. Musicman

    Musicman Striker

    Claud Butler racer bought it 2nd hand. I was told it was a bike that used t belong to Joe Waugh (South Shields Olympian)
  19. A bike ? I was lucky to get food.

    Did get a bike though, when i was 14-15, i got a paper round and bought some old bone shaker from an old bloke. Had it about a year. No idea what make it was.
    I'm sure my father used to use it to collect overspill coal from Monkton cokeworks.
  20. This , with back pedal brake.
    Could skid for miles with one of those

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