Your favourite synth/electronic music

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  1. The monumental greatness that was early Roxy Music.

  2. It's beautiful!!:D
  3. You've been hacked
  4. EcosseMackem

    EcosseMackem Winger

    I loved that album, it was years ahead of it's time but wasn't ever that keen on their later stuff - me and my mate walked out of their gig at the City Hall in September 1981 they were so poor compared to the Poly the year before
  5. Ot

    Did you see the associates?

    Why is vangelis so poorly rated by the music press and hipsters?

    He must have upset their dads in the 70s
  6. EcosseMackem

    EcosseMackem Winger

    Only once and before their 15 minutes

    Supporting the Scars in Edinburgh in 1980

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  7. raindog

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  8. 4 pages of shite before boc

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  9. raindog

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    Cliff Martinez Drive Soundtrack was also amazing
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  10. Kid Galahad

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    Sheer genius, not synth music as such but great keyboard work imo.
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  11. vidal baboon

    vidal baboon Midfield

  12. Opening track Astrodyne is class

  13. sylvian

    sylvian Central Defender

    3 underrated artists

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  14. Tex

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    Ah Fiat Lux

    I mentioned on here before I have quite a few concerts I taped off when radio one used to broadcast them on a Friday night. Got thirty minutes of Fiat Lux including that song. Canny but they never sold a record. Sax player is Bill Nelson's kid brother IIRC.
  15. Arkle

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    I think he's considered to be a bit prog and, to be fair, he was in Aphrodite's Child and has recorded extensively with the singer from Yes.
  16. Snugster

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  17. sylvian

    sylvian Central Defender

    Spot on, first see them supporting Blancmange (along with a duo called Vicious Pink) then supporting Thomas Dolby
    Quite liked them but as you say never sold enough and disbanded quite quick. Yes sax player Nelson's brother Ian unfortunately died in his sleep a few years ago iirc.
    Had another fantastic couple tracks Photography & Secrets (was nearly a breaking in top 40) gets played a bit on radio now and again


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