Your favourite synth/electronic music

Discussion in 'SMB' started by PinzaC55, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Post it.

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  2. Berghain

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    Saw him live couple years back. Was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.
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  3. gonzalo

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    Im a big fan of synth/electronic music, definitely the way forward, you can see by the way that most succesful indie bands these days are beginning to introduce electronic music or have ised it for a long time, bands like Kasabian or Two Door Cinema Club (their newest album is cracking)

    This isnt my favourite electronic song, but it is an absolute cracker (found it on GTA V but turns out their other stuff is just as good):

    This is another cracker from chain gang of 1974:

  4. bernardbresslaw

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  5. Pelanty

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  6. Imagine seeing this live.

  7. Kid Galahad

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    Kraftwerk are terrible, can't think of anything duller tbh.

    By far the best electronic band ever...
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  8. weebil64

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  9. spuggie

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  10. Mantobar

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    Doesnt get much better than this
  11. joemcdokes

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