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Your favourite aircraft

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Blyth, Apr 16, 2012.

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  1. robref

    robref New Member

    Spitfire for me too.

    Pass this one nearly everyday while working. On a roundabout in Thornaby just down from Teeside Industrial Estate.

  2. MacRowners

    MacRowners Midfield

  3. RichSAFC

    RichSAFC New Member

    way too many fav's...

    Vulcan :cool:
  4. Kent_Mackem

    Kent_Mackem Striker

    Vulcan for me.
  5. Blyth

    Blyth Striker

    Technically not an aircraft.
    Does leave the ground tho!
  6. knarfw

    knarfw Striker

  7. offmenut

    offmenut Winger

    I live near calshott where they flew from..
    There still a big Sunderland hanger here, but it's got a veledrome and indoor ski slope in it now.
  8. Porrohman

    Porrohman Striker

    Spitfire for me
  9. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    Must live not far from me then!
  10. offmenut

    offmenut Winger

    Dibden purlieu, nr the Heath.
    Your not from backfield are you?
  11. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    Nah. Played footy for Blackfield and Langley a couple of times many moons ago though. I'm not that close, Pompey.
  12. offmenut

    offmenut Winger

    Shithole bud!:-D
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2012
  13. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    I'm not gonna disagree. :) You fancy a meet up for the Soton game next year? Thinking about getting a few Solent based supporters up for a meet up for a live Sunday game next season. Somewhere fairly easy for most to get to with ok transport links etc. Fareham?
  14. offmenut

    offmenut Winger

    Yes bud, nee problem. I've been here 5 yrs and havent really met any safc fans. I work nr fareham- place called swanwick?
    Always up for a beer with fellow sunland fans
  15. MacRowners

    MacRowners Midfield

    the ekranoplan is an aircraft is flies by using ground effect and the Yanks were very afraid of the Caspian Sea Monster when it first came out. They still make these allbeit smaller in Russia.
  16. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    Lived here off and on all me life. Knarr the area like the back of me hand. I was doing a bit work up Whiteley last month. Bit of graft in Stubbington next week. Used to be a poster on here called Alien a few years ago from your way, but he was a bit of a tit so best avoided. You're on my list of members for the Unofficial SAFC Supporters Solent Branch. :-D
  17. offmenut

    offmenut Winger

    There's a safc fan from backfield I see every now and again at matches, that's why I asked if you were from there, not sure if it's the same fella.
    Anyway cheers bud, get in touch next season, have you got more than 2 in this Solent branch like...!
  18. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    6. Four of us out for the Man City game on New Years Day. We went mental in the PO Club. There's a couple of lads working on that big aircraft carrier I see canny often anarl. There's loads of fans down here, just need a meet up place for games like the London lot and be consistent (I knarr not everyone is gonna turn up for every game).
  19. AB22 Easy Tiger

    AB22 Easy Tiger Even better than before Staff Member Contributor

    They're broken down in crates, so yes, they will.
  20. SSDD

    SSDD Midfield

    If were adding helo's now...

    the Lynx of the Royal Navy's Black Cats team.



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