Your favourite 3 opening riffs.....

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Always on the run - Lenny Kravitz............
what is it about lenny kavitz? i've fought gangsters and other stuff in my time . Never been so frightened as when my then girlfriend took me to a kravitz gig. We met him outside he was taller than my navel but only just. She being at the time quite petite bopped down to the front i lumbered after her like the idiot i am. God i thought the girls behind me were going to kill me for blocking there view. Never again.


Full Back
T Rex -- Metal Guru
Black Sabbath -- Wheels of Confusion
Buzzcocks -- Ever Fallen in Love
Wheels is a tremendous tune...easily my favourite album is IV. Really cool if they went off on a peyote weekend or something.

As for my choices..
Hang Him High - Hypocrisy
Misty Mountain Hop - Zeppelin
Hey You - Floyd