Your favorite robot?

I’m surprised that no one has mentioned Data or Lal from STNG. Those who aren’t cowards will prefer Lore to Data but he scares me! Kudos to Brent Spiner for making him so menacing while Data is so approachable and vulnerable.

Dave Herbal

Hmm... Zen, satnav of The Liberator.

If Zen was human, he’d be the bloke that would stand quietly in the corner and then just knack you with just a raised eyebrow.
I was quite upset when he died. More than when Gan died.

'robot' comes from the Czech for 'forced labour' irrc
We were watching Black Mirror the other day and I pointed out to our lass that the woman on screen clearly hadn’t remembered the three laws of robotics when she ordered her robot to kill itself.
She looked at me like I was some kind of idiot. I was like, “what you mean you don’t know them either?”.
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