Your Dog


Central Defender
Ours is super friendly with people, and other dogs
He has been to a number of dog behaviour classes, and dog agility, which he loves.
Amazing to think where he came from as well. Never adopted a rescue dog before but the feel good factor ya get is amazing (not to mention bringing the dog on and gently turning it back into a loved pet again)

Would recommend it to anyone !

Blue Bell Lad

Plays so many roles- being given the choice by the vet to put her down or let her struggle on- doesnt get much harder than that- what a hole in our life- great dog r.i.p
Ours came back in from the yard about 6 years ago and lay down at our feet with tongue hanging out of her mouth. Sat stroking her for almost 2 hours before she finally went. Just so glad the bairn wasn't there. Never get another, couldn't handle it myself , never mind the family. Sorry for your loss mate.