You may call it a tin-pot trophy now - but would you be at Wembley 31st March 2019?

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Major Major, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. I mean 2019....With 35,000 plus others? HAAAAWWWWAAAYYYYYY we're on our way!
  2. Randy Ostrich

    Randy Ostrich Striker

    Waiting for phase three :(
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  3. Kermit

    Kermit Central Defender

    Nah would honestly not bother. Its embarrassing to even be involved in my opinion.
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  4. Julio

    Julio Striker

    Cheesy chips on Wembley way
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  5. one in the eye for a few clubs I reckon if we did win it.
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  6. c1ark73

    c1ark73 Winger

    Eat shit
  7. CraigyLee

    CraigyLee Striker

    Bit of a shit show this thread

    Finals 31st March
  8. :lol::lol::lol::lol:
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  9. Kermit

    Kermit Central Defender

    Nah youre alreet, would leave you without a heed for a start.
  10. AndrewP

    AndrewP Striker

    I'd give it a miss I think. Would have been a different story if we hadn't just been though.
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  11. EMG

    EMG Full Back

    Would be fantastic if we won at Wembley. I think the owners understand that. Hopefully we can put strong teams in if we get through the group stage.
  12. c1ark73

    c1ark73 Winger

    Because a weekend in London is shit
  13. Secret Visage

    Secret Visage Winger

    56000 screaming mackems.
  14. robertotmackem

    robertotmackem Midfield

    Just before my birthday, an excuse for a piss up in London
  15. Secret Visage

    Secret Visage Winger

    Anti stab vests not pre ordered?
  16. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Wembo of light
  17. cosmicchris00

    cosmicchris00 Midfield

    It's the tin pottiest of all of the tin pot trophirs
  18. c1ark73

    c1ark73 Winger

    Didn’t see any such warranted statements last time out, not a bit of bother
  19. Bladecat

    Bladecat Striker

    Dinnar like...there wasnt even a trophy for the Intertoto
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  20. Kid Galahad

    Kid Galahad Striker

    But we are involved so may as well have a good go at it, can't see any negatives apart from if we get someone injured which can happen in training anyway.

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