You Laugh You Win...


aye thats the one, havent seen it for years. a classic. :) :) ellliioottt

i've no idea how i even seen it, sure it was before i was on facebook and that, i think a mate of mine had it on his phone
Is been on YouTube for 9 years and only has 500 views.

My guess is that I posted it here ages ago and that's when you saw it

That angry rhino is the best thing I've seen in ages
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... need cheering up.

Read a harrowing news story about an abused child and now can't stop dwelling on it.

Any funny stories much appreciated.
Coming down the motorway last night doing a steady 70mph when a lad on a moped comes along side me, the lad signals to wind my window down, he's got an unlit fag in his mouth.Asks if I've got a light, said you're going to to end up killing yourself mate, he says na I only smoke five a day.

Tin Soldier

Man carries his dog into the vet and hands him to vet and says 'he's struggling when he walks can you help' ? Vet replies 'I'm going to have to put him down'. Owner -'oh dear is he that ill ?' Vet- 'no he's too fucking heavy ! '