York / Wetherby / Leeds

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by sambot93, May 21, 2019.

  1. Safc1987

    Safc1987 Reserve Squad

    Leeds Bradford branch full, best bet is ALS will pick up from Wetherby services
  2. Big-kenwyne

    Big-kenwyne Midfield

    They are charging £110 for ticket and coach travel.
  3. steven

    steven Winger

    Very good shout that - it originates in Bradford so shouldn't be too busy either.
  4. what do you call reasonable for a train ? £85 return from Leeds with LNER , or £65 from Doncaster with Grand Central
  5. This is Bout what I’ve paid overall but I’m travelling down on Saturday. Train was easily doable for less than £100 from leeds
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  6. RokerRye

    RokerRye Full Back

    Just get a taxi man
  7. Hulkenburger

    Hulkenburger Central Defender

    I'm on the National Express coach from Leeds. Early train from York to Leeds, coach down, then train back. Cost about £35 but it'll probably be a bit more now.
  8. sambot93

    sambot93 New Member

    7am bus?
  9. Hulkenburger

    Hulkenburger Central Defender

    That's the one.
  10. millfield ftm

    millfield ftm Central Defender

    Megabus , travel in style
  11. SAFC187

    SAFC187 Full Back

    5.45am National Express from Leeds for me :lol:

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