Year End Reviews / Appraisals

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  1. Is there a bigger waste of peoples time in the office than doing this.

    The peer to Peer 360 etc.

    kills me every year having to go through the motions on them.

    never mind midyear
  2. madone

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    They are useful if done properly, makes it easier to sack lazy fuckas
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  3. shhhhhh man
  4. I'm leaving my job in two weeks and looking forward to the other favourite - the exit interview.

    "Did you enjoy working here?" - No
    "Did you feel valued?" - No etc
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  5. duff_man

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    Ours run from april but I try and continuously update them throughout the year so there is less to do all in one go however I am moving boroughs next month so someone else is going to benefit from my for once organised ways. No doubt I will inherit the usual mess where return to works have been outstanding for months etc
  6. Just another modern management process to allow mediocrities to fill their time and feel important.

    Like doing an impact assessment on every potential non-decision...
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  7. Cowvahlo

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    Absolutely horrendous. I hated doing them but did quite enjoy having mine as I knew most people didn’t bother putting any effort in so it was for me to stand out.
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  8. SAFCGardian

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    They have changed ours this year so we have just had mid year reviews rather than the end of year ones, where you got a bonus or a pay rise. Shithouses
  9. “So officer, how many ethnic minorities did you stop and search for no reason this month?”

    It’s funny because it’s true
  10. gazza.1990

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    What are those??
  11. TheWanderer

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    Started this morning doing the 5 I need to get done, I’m now sitting on the pot with only 1 complete, and 4 needing to be done before midnight. I can motivate myself to do most laborious things, but these bloody things I really struggle with.
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  12. CharlieCappa

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  13. mux

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    "Well boss, as you know from your crime statistics bollocks that you get sent every month, many ethnic minority groups are much more likely to commit crime than others, indeed certain types of crime at that. Surely that's all the justification I need? That and I'm working in a borough where 90% of the residents are ethnic minorities?"

    It's funny because I just made it up.
  14. Snake oil sold by management consultants. An excuse for poor managers not to manage properly and they always drive the wrong behaviours.
    When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a valuable measure.;)
    When I lead the revolution, performance appraisals will be the first thing to go.
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  15. Had mine today, it went well - my performance is in the excellent category, I said I didn't want the top level as it gives me something to work towards ;).
  16. Do they get rewarded or punished for high figures though?
  17. niceonemarra

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    not had mine yet but I know I'm in the bottom category :(
  18. Bell curve
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  19. General Zod

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    Cant stand them, especially as the appraisal can make the difference between not getting a pay rise or bonus and... not getting a pay rise or bonus. The joke about how many times does the letter "f" appear in pay rise or bonus is a running annual gag at our place
  20. niceonemarra

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    My performance is great sometimes outstanding but my time keeping is shocking.

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