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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Hawkings Boots, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. IAmZlatan

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    Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one with this problem. Recently got a Xiomi fitness watch off there, and unbeknownst to me at the time, I was ordering just before Chinese New Year. It took 8 weeks to arrive, and I’d practically forgotten about it. Still, at those prices the wait is almost worth it.
  2. wilberforce

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    I've ordered loads off gearbest, it always turns up
    someimes in 9 or 10 days, sometimes 8 weeks, it' probably customs holding things up
    as I say though, I've been ordering off eglobal central lately, they have been way cheaper for my last 3 purchases, redmi note 5 for the little one, samsung s3 watch, and mi mix 2
    the mi mix should be here today or tomorrow (hopefully by the tracking) I only ordered it on sunday, and the price difference is massive
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  3. IAmZlatan

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    Cheers, I’ll check that out
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  4. wilberforce

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    £60 less on eglobal than gear best was my mi mix 2
    it' a huge difference mate
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  5. yamar1

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    Spot on. Once you go with xiaomi you dont go back to the mainstream. Warranty is a bit sketchy as usually you order from china. Can be had on eBay etc for a bit more money.

    Make sure you get the international version unless you are comfortable flashing a new rom.
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  6. moo

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    I've had a Redmi Note 4x for over a year now and it's been fantastic. Came with a mi band 2 for £115 and was comparable to a £400 phone at the time.
    I've broken the screen twice and it was a doddle to fix on my own.

    I'd gladly recommend getting one of their phones though you have to offset the savings made to knowing if it properly breaks you are knackered due to no uk hardware support.

    The mi band 2 really is ace for £14.
  7. wilberforce

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    totally agree with the warranty mate !
    the reason I have bought the mi mix 2 is because, after 6 month or so the lock button started being intermittent, so I contacted gear best, to which they said no problem, send it back and we will repair it
    I duly sent it back, but it came back with a crack in the corner of the screen, which was obviously where they had took the back away from the glass (the lock button worked perfect)
    obviously I wasn'thappy, and at 1st offered me 20 dollars as compensation, I told them where to go tbh, it went away in immaculate condition. so.... after a bit of too'ing and fro'ing, eventually they offered me 320 dollars and I can keep the phone (it's pristine bar the slight crack) so after looking on eglobal, the next generation was 283 quid as a special price at the weekend, so I thought.... why the hell not !
    I've kept my original mi mix, and bought the 2 brand new for pretty much next to nothing :cool:
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  8. MACKEM73

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    Nah just the normal one as it was the first time I’d bought Chinese...wish I’d gone for the pro now though
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  9. IAmZlatan

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    Great tip, I’ll look into that
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  10. Secret Visage

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    What I do, pay a few quid more from a UK seller, quicker delivery and easier returns if needed.
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  11. wilberforce

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    that is a very good point mate ^
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  12. GingerNick

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    I have one of their dash cams and home cctv cameras

    really easy to set up, work well and are well priced

    company is called Yi but owned by xiaomi
  13. I once had one that had some annoying bloatware on it, but it was the third party seller that did it.
    I reloaded the firmware direct from the manufacturer and it was perfect.
  14. bennett83

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    Our lass has the xaomi Mi a1 and its excellent, dual sim, latest android with the samsung bullshit, only thing it is lacking is nfc so no android pay. We'll worth the £180 and far outperformed the Sony she had which was the same price
  15. Gutmackem

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    I've also got the Mi a1, bought it off a lad on eBay who knocks them out at about £20 more than you pay if you order from China, gotta say it's been superb, everything I need in a phone
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  16. wilberforce

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    it will have nfc mate
    its google that won't allow the Chinese manufacturers access to Google pay, they say... because of security reasons !??!?!?!
  17. Hawkings Boots

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    The A1 looks good for the price - £140 ish for the 64gb version
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  18. I'm looking at the A1 on that eglobal website and I'm a bit confused as to whether it will work in the UK. It says 3 network is 800 and 2600MHZ, but the phone specs only have the 4G on 2600MHZ. Does this mean it wouldn't work on 3G?

    Xiaomi Mi A1 64gb Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Gold
  19. Hooky

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    I've got a Xiaomi Amazfit watch and I love it. Has built in GPS, gets notifications from the phone, heart rate monitor etc and only needs charged once a month unlike my old Sony Smartwatch that would last a couple of days max. It was something daft like £40.
  20. Hawkings Boots

    Hawkings Boots Midfield

    I've looked at that and it confused me too. I think the magic phrase is "band 20" which that one apparently has

    Which network are you with. I'm with EE and a google shows there should be no issues

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