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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Hawkings Boots, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Hawkings Boots

    Hawkings Boots Midfield

    See people raving about these and they seem cheap compared to the usual suspects (Samsung etc.)

    Anyone have one of these and if so which one as there seems to be a million variants!
  2. Pacific

    Pacific Striker

    i've got the Xiaomi Mi A1

    part of the android one series so it's shit hot with updates. really good phone. only gripe would be the camera isn't the best especially in low light but for the price it's hard to grumble
  3. ODIN

    ODIN Midfield

    I've got a huawei and it's absolutely spot on. Will never go back to samsung
  4. jarramackem

    jarramackem Midfield

    Bought four Mi Band 2 fitness bands for various family members and they are spot on
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  5. wilberforce

    wilberforce Winger

    I have the mi mix and it is fantastic ! the best phone I've had bar NONE !
    but.... I have cheekily ordered the mi mix 2, and it will be hopefully coming tomorrow !
    I've found a cracking website that is cheap as chips btw, eglobalcentral, cheap as chips ;)
  6. Hawkings Boots

    Hawkings Boots Midfield

    Yeah I've had the first one and now got the 2. For less than £15 they can't be knocked

    Just have to decide which phone to get
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  7. MrOompapa

    MrOompapa Striker

    Never thought these Chinese brands would catch on in Western markets, but I think I'm open to giving one a try after I am done with my S7.
  8. Colbert

    Colbert Central Defender

    Got a Redmi 4x, cheap as, decent enough quality.
  9. MACKEM73

    MACKEM73 Goalkeeper

    Just got the Huawei P20 last week...way better than Samsung and the camera is immense

    Did you just get it from Amazon???
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  10. wilberforce

    wilberforce Winger

    I used to rip the piss out of the Chinese phones, but.... now you get plenty more for your money with them ! they are as good as spec as your samsung and I phones, and are a quarter of the price !
    I mean, come on..... a thousand quid for a phone ?!!?!?!? give your head a shake !
  11. Fetch Fletch

    Fetch Fletch Striker

    Is it the Pro? They're lush!
  12. Secret Visage

    Secret Visage Winger

    4 x Oukitels in our family. K10000, 2x U series and latest one is K3.

    K3 is a bargain for £120.

    No chance of us going back to the likes of Samsung and Sony.
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  13. TexasMackem

    TexasMackem Winger

    Using a Xiaomi redmi note 4 pro that I bought from gearbest for £132, 2 years ago. It's got a couple of very minor software niggles and an average camera, otherwise it's still going strong.

    It cost me less than the insurance policy to cover a iPhone, Samsung or Sony would. So if I lose it or break it, I'll just buy another while paying for a sim only deal.
  14. hefty em

    hefty em Striker

    Got a Redmi 4A bought last year for 70 quid off gear best to test Chinese phones myself, it's still going strong, recently had a big update. I'll run it till it's knackered and get possibly the pure android one they Dee.
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  15. The Great MES

    The Great MES Winger

    Are these cheap Chinese phones not loaded with spyware/malware etc? Or that just an urban myth?
  16. Nig

    Nig Midfield

  17. jarramackem

    jarramackem Midfield

    Aye Huawei are good as well got me son the M3 10” tablet for Christmas and it’s an amazing bit of kit.

    Just ordered the watches from Gearbest. Seems like a bit of a dodgy Chinese website and the order tracking isn’t the best but everything has turned up for me an in good time.
  18. wilberforce

    wilberforce Winger

    I got the redmi 5 for the bairn, think it was about 70 quid (from above mentioned website) and it's spot on
    the amount of times someone's said to him, is that an iPhone :D
  19. Tommasi

    Tommasi Striker

    I've got a OnePlus 3 I bought a couple years ago - easily the best phone I've ever had. Sticking with Android for now, gan run this into the ground before getting owt new. Only a couple things with it I don't like but nowt that bad.
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  20. wilberforce

    wilberforce Winger

    I keep a close eye on the Chinese phone market, and I think the elephone s8 is a belting phone for the price
    brilliant spec for £180 tbf

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