I suspect Wycombe will be comfortably relegated and they will be exposed for being totally unprepared for life in the Championship.

Their promotion was a trifle fortunate - sneaked into the play offs when their form looked to be diving off a cliff. The method of applying unweighted points per game played to their advantage to. But it was the fairest and most transparent method to use.

But the reason they are being exposed is because they massively outperformed expectations even being in/around the top six in the first place. They’re a tiny club, probably L2 at best, and wishing ill will on such a small club should be beneath the dignity of Sunderland fans.

At worst they caught a bit of a lucky break having massively outperformed expectations over a number of years. Having caught the lucky break they still had to win the play offs, which they did. We had plenty of games to establish our superiority over Wycombe Wanderers and we failed.

They didn’t cheat. All clubs were allowed to vote and they voted a certain way. They didn’t influence the other 23 clubs and they were more exposed than most to paying footballers without any income. It was reasonable they got a free vote and it was reasonable they were allowed to compete the play offs having exercised that free vote. To do anything other would have been to favour the big clubs or the richer clubs.

But, yeah, they’ll go down.
Good fair post mate. 1/10. Lacks pettyness.