WTF is wrong with Vauxhall, Ford and Jap Car drivers?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Big Duke Six, Jun 12, 2019 at 6:42 PM.

  1. Dont these vehicles have light switches?
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    Can't turn my lights off
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    They have a common theme. The dash lights up with the ignition, day or night. When it’s dark people assume (because they’re fuckwits) that their lights are on and drive along.
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    OOOSH YEAH Central Defender

    Yeah they’re all homogeneous mate.
  7. Mine's got auto lights. On dull wet days, sometimes there's enough spray to need lights on but the car thinks it's bright enough not to need lights and turns them off so I have to put them on manually. If people are not paying attention to the dash, they might not realise.
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    bet you used to complain about volvos etc always having them on years ago:lol:
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    Completely agree with this post. Sometimes some car owners will not pay enough attention to their dash, meaning some will be unaware that their lights are not switched on in a situation where they should be.
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    Light switches :lol:..
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  11. Never.All cars should have them permanently on.
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    Like your Model-T. Owned it from new iirc
  13. [​IMG]
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    bet the alloys are spot on though:D;)
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    When they brought the day time running lights in they should have done similar to the rear. Or better still, all lights on at all times.
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  16. Well they got half of it right when they brought in this daylight running lights must be on new cars back in 2011. However they neglected the fact the amount of thick fuckers out there that don't realise the back lights aren't on! Or the ones who don't bother with normal lights thinking the DRLs are sufficient at night.

    Same goes for fog lights as they should be auto switched off when the ignition is turned off. That way it's only the tossers who think it looks cool that manually turn them on for no reason. Again the amount of clueless drivers that have them on days after a foggy spell not realising how dazzling they can be at times is beyond belief!

    I've stopped flashing people as half the time they haven't a fucking clue and think you're just doing it randomly :lol: If someone flashes them they don't even think "Oh shit, I don't know them so it might be my lights"
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    German car drivers are simply unbeatable.
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    Without fail, when I get overtaken by someone doing way above the speed limit, it's a BMW, Audi or Mercedes.
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  19. Never some Twat in a shitbox Ford?
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    Those are the ones too busy looking at their phones.
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