Wrestling - Part 3

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    Ok, so here are my ramblings I made as I watched it - no checks for spelling or for it making any sense whatsoever, as it was the longest show in history, and I can't be arsed to read them. But you should, obviously ;)

    Pure heat for Heyman walking through the middle of Hogan's section lol
    Pyro for Brock - didn't think they did that anymore?
    Brock has lost the gut. Deffo going back to UFC imo.
    PMSL laughing at Heyman's holding of the belt. So funny.
    Rene starts with her "ooooh" cries already. Fuck me, I've got hours of this shit ahead of me, haven't I?
    Oh, there's a German announce table ringside. For some reason. I wonder how long that lasts....
    Rollins wins - yep, Brock deffo off to UFC then. Not a bad match, quick and explosive. Pop for the crowd too.
    I wonder if they're going to REALLY push Rollins this time, or Ambrose him. Pyro for him, so that's a good sign!

    Lawler is looking good, always good to see. As long as he's not calling too many matches of course ;)

    Always good to see AJ.
    Not a bad match, but not great either. Really bored of Orton mostly. Shame there wasn't a Styles Clash.

    What's the point in these Lacy Evans segments? Its a 5.5hr main card mania ffs, that's 2mins that nobody needed.
    BTW, that's 5.5hr + the pre show (haven't seen it yet, but guessing another 2hrs?) 7hrs in a stadium chair, jesus.

    That "white light" BAR thing is bloody awesome mind. Great tag team.
    On the other hand, hate seeing Naka with Rusev - its a waste of 2 great talents. They should have split them up a month ago and had a fued-ending match against eachother, maybe with an interesting stip.
    Ricochet is canny over. His NXT entrance was better though, that floor thing was awesome (that match was class anarl).
    4-way tag matches always feel like "everyone gets paid" though. IIRC, there's a lasses one right after this. Perhaps one could have been bumped to pre-show?
    Ric just did a full Sonjay Dutt, nice.
    Kayfabe breaking, but hilarious BAR spot there. hahahahaha
    I really like how they're keeping the tagging up here, well thought out.
    Tower of doom spots are awful mind. Kafabe breakers.
    Ricochet's 630 or whatever senton splash - ouch - that looks like a nasty one to take.
    Oh wow, Ricochet's sell on the Bro kick. Very nice. Rikishi likes this.
    Can't believe they left the belts on Usos. lol.

    Wow has Tori Wilson aged. Stacy on the other hand, not one bit. How was Honkey not already in the HoF?
    Can't believe they used a photo of Chyna with the fat chin lol

    Shane O'Mac's entrance man. lol. Pure heat.
    Can't believe I actually like the Miz now. His dad is a knacker though. State of his dar.
    Right, while Jerry Lawler is in the building, can he please teach Shane how to throw a worked punch. Please.
    Shane is pissing with sweat. Should have smashed Miz's dad off the top rope mind.
    urgh, all them twats filming instead of just enjoying the moment.
    Gan on Funaki, get a smack in.
    Class bump off the golf cart. Not sure he was supposed to bounce onto that bare concrete mind hehehe
    Class finish, I guess this fued isn't over then. Actually laughing out loud at that one.

    Its really good hearing the Hart Foundation music. Very nice.
    Is Bret not walking the isle? That's a shame.
    The Iconics. Blergh. Next

    Kofi Bryan could be good. Build up has been stupid though.
    Why are the people in the back clapping lol
    Really really good this match. Bryan plays the heel so well.
    A Tommy Dreamer bit, excellent
    Been waiting for the outside schmoz for ages. Did very nicely too.
    Those face stomps were ace.
    Kofi wins - didn't expect that, especially just with his "normal" finisher. Pleased for him though. Seeing his kids with him was really great.
    New Day could get a really big push from this as a "dominant faction" I guess?

    Jo Ray - oh well, I guess Ray was badly injured after all.
    Why is Booker T sandbagging Jo ffs

    So, will the Big Dog finally get a cheer or will we be muting the crowd again?
    OMG, they STILL booed him, I don't believe it. Im honestly shocked, I really thought cancer would be enough to get the guy a break. Its not on last, its not a title match, its nothing more than a filler match. And still, the booes. Fuck!
    End of the match, pan the camera to the obvious plant LMAO

    3hrs in, and the "Host" of WM has been out one single time. What's the point man!

    Does Elias ever actually wrestle? I don't think I've seen him have a proper match in 2 years hahaha
    Cena out now, so there goes the chance of him vs Angle. Please please dont actually be Jeremy Corbin
    Chuckles at the man dog
    Well, so right on 1 count, and wrong on another. Elias didn't have a match, again. But Cena still available to vote Jeremy Corbin out.
    BTW, that Cena gimmick is so much better

    Starting to change my mind about this card. Its actually pretty good after all.c

    At least Big Dave isn't wearing jean shorts, so that's a plus. Looks unsteady on his feet though - right on cue, falls through the ropes lol Is he injured? Actually, he looks pissed, or high. His face is weird.
    Stupid having to almost identical stips on one card. No Hold Barred and Falls Count Anywhere are very similar if you're not very careful.
    Cue another epic HHH entrance. haha, so HHH gets a Mad Max, spitting fire car, and Big Dave got a Chrystler LOL
    That's cool seeing that tablet screen actually break.
    HBK soooo close to saying WWF there hehehehe
    Just realised how dead the crowd are. You can hear the ref chatting with Dave. Its silent.
    And there is it - goodbye German Announce Table !!
    Crackers to think those two are now cumulatively 100 years old.
    Called it - Flair to interfere to win it. Flair looks canny considering he nearly died about a year ago.

    My god, she's back. I can't even remember her name - its been over 4hrs since I last saw her.
    God no, not Bradshit. I fucking hate that guy.

    Really hope this isn't it for Angle. But it seems like a normal match so far.
    If you're going out, I guess the right thing to do put someone over. But its a flat feeling.
    One of the best ever, loved watching him over the years, but it was time to go.

    Ah, its the champion of wellness. Out with his baby son and cumrag.
    The commentary about why he does the demon was awful, just shut up!
    Coo de gr'arse
    Wonder what they're going to do with Balor. I can't help but think he's too similar to Rollins for both of them to be top level guys.

    Oh, Bliss is getting 3 goes. She does look amazing mind, especially on those fappening pics. Ooof.
    Mind, what a bullshit "record". And here's the annual "fuck off" moment. Sigh. Everyone enjoy their piss break, good, next.

    Fuck, I actually want to watch Miss and Miz now or whatever its called lol

    Nice nips Becks
    Nice plastic baps Charlie
    Nice, er, spiderman haircut Ronda
    Looking forward to this, but wouldn't be surprised if the crowd are just too knackered for it.
    Pff, Ronda's Jocks-watch was almost Ronda's chebs-watch for a minute there. Props to the tape.
    Holy shit, what happened to Ronda's calf? That looks really really nasty. Charlotted arm too
    Oh man, a crappy finish. That's an awful way to close the show.

    Final thoughts:
    Wrestling has far too many kicks these days. Every 5 seconds someone gets kicked square in the face, its not believable at all when other people have that as their finisher.

    That was a really good show, despite all my twisting above :lol:
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    Decent Mania that, HHH v Batista was brutal and a load of fun to watch, for a 7 hour show it flew over. The less said about that main event the better though, an absolute clusterfuck.
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    I enjoyed it. Enjoyed the matches. Did go to bed after the Bryan match thought so was refreshed for the remaining matches.

    Agree they need to do it over 2 days. Need to stop calling talent up too, roster is ridiculously overinflated. I really like EC3 but why call him up to have him doing nothing & getting eliminated from the battle royale after half a minute.
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  4. Mr Redknapp

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    Lacey :D

    Wrestlemania was very fun... although like eating 20 slices of delicious cake it became a bit much :lol:
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    State of Raw
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    Sami Zayn's promo is spot on. They love to pick everything apart and look at the negatives.
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    Sounds shite Raw mind, especially for the one after mania. Also having Lars debut, I know he’s had mental health issues but if he was ready they should have had him go over Angle at Mania, instant monster heel.
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  8. I must be the only one who prefers Billie Kay.:lol:

    I watched it with the kids yesterday and I thought it was good but 5 and a half hours is too long. The main event was good but the Kofi Kingston match was the real highlight. If they had of ended it their it would have been a great show. Also, the only thing bigger in wrestling than Wrestlemania is HHH ego. How come that fucker always gets big matches at this? He'll still be going at WM50.
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    In about 6 months time Lars Sullivan will be break dancing with R Truth and will also just be known as just 'Lars'
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    Sami Zayn spot on with his promo
  11. Tman87

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    Cant help but feel that this raw would've been much better had they not shot their loads bringing Ricochet/Black/DIY etc up early
  12. Mr Redknapp

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    Definitely the part where the entitled fans project their negativity outwards rather than looking in the mirror.
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    When you think they went through all that,main event of Wrestlemania etc just for it to be Lacey looking strong against Becky in the middle of the Raw card....
  14. Mr Redknapp

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    I just meant Lacey in general :lol::cool:
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    Just watched NXT. Canny, but can't get away with the lack of selling.
    Massive shot, then 3 seconds later, back on the offensive like nowt happened. Its awful.
    Even if it is good to watch - it doesn't make sense.

    Not sure how Gargano can translate that gimmick to the main card. He can't be "unkillable" against the top stars.

    Anyway, got Raw on now. Good to see New Day pop the crowd.
    Big E can really work the mic. He could be higher up the card too imo
  16. scotch

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    Natural conclusion to garganos storyline (champ a not being opponent aside), 2 years chasing the title, nothing was stopping him, takeover will be a 1 off i think in terms of no selling from him

    Edited ;)
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    I'll be honest, I've watched 2 of his matches. One vs Champ, and this one. And it was the same story - no sell after no sell.

    Hate seeing people taking someone's finisher, especially happens off the top rope, and then transition it straight into a submission hold for example.
    I mean, no, you just took his finisher flush, you can't pop up and react immediately. Its stupid.

    Why on earth did they let Angle get his heat back, whilst shit-canning Corbin? Spoils the whole point of the mania "pass the torch" match.
    Then Lars comes out, for no reason, and attacks a retired wrestler. For no reason.
    Fuck me, this is why I don't watch regularly anymore.
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  18. scotch

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    Angle wrestlemania and raw plans...use the word plan loosely....was a joke.
    Only real downer from wrestlemania was angle not getting the send off he deserved, especially since cena was at the show
  19. PTR

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    Thing is, if they wanted him to pass the torch, then find someone, put him over and disappear leaving the young lad to use the rub.
    Don't beat him up the next day ffs!
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    Lacey threw some canny blows mind. Properly going for it. It was a good scrap. Sometimes they look abit half arsed.

    Xavier woods basically shagging the mat man :lol::eek:

    Good to see Bliss get a big win against Bayley too, be good to see her in the ring more often.
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