Wrestling - Part 3

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    As far as first shows go, that's pretty stacked already
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    Vice president
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    Executive vice president
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    Hmm, odd?
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    Not really its the same with Cody and the Bucks

    Just got done watching the press conference even though I knew what happened and it was 100x better looking and produced than their 1st effort. The card is shaping up nicely for Double Or Nothing as well

    Omega Vs Jericho
    Bucks Vs Lucha Bros
    Hangman Page Vs Pac
    SCU Vs Cima & 2 OWE lads
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  7. If AEW have any sense they will snap up Dean Ambrose. I like the WWE but not it's monopoly over the US wrestling industry and what Vince has done to some of them. It is nice to see a company finally get it right as a genuine threat. WCW tried and failed. ROH has tried and failed. ECW tried and failed and in the TNA days GFW Impact Wrestling tried and failed.
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    WCW got it right mate. Perhaps watch the Monday Night War Doc.
  9. Seen it. Not toward the end it didn't. Have you Googled the mistakes of WCW? I take it you haven't. I suggest you do. Though your reply right now will be a very swift, sharp no and any links to any websites I put up documenting the mistakes made will not be viewed.

    I am reading about the errors as I type so everything is 100% true. And I do happen to know that among the mistakes were allegedly most of the top earners like Kevin Nash (who was both wrestler and head booker) and Hollywood Hogan had an awful lot of the power of creativity. This gives egoists like Nash and Hogan the one thing the air need to breath - power. They held WCW hostage virtually to get what they want. This kept them at the top and promising young talent like Rey Misterio at the bottom.

    Want another? Google The Warriors time in WCW. The usage of the Warrior was comical. Execution was a mess.

    One golden rule surely is never give a celebrity a title, but that is exactly what WCW gave David Arquette when he beat Eric Bischoff.

    And surely you must remember the Fingerpoke of Doom where Hogan poked Nash in the chest and he went down like he was hit with a shotgun and was pinned. This was because Goldberg was meant to face Nash who had beatten him and ended a streak but Goldy was arrested for "stalking" Miss Elizabeth and taken to a cop shop across the road from the arena. Yet it took 15 mins for him to return when Elizabeth admitted she made it all up. This is just 3 of the many mistakes.

    One that I did know that was documented in the series is during one main event match between DDP and Goldberg apparently the transmission ceased during the match at Halloween Havoc 1998 so the fans never saw the end because the match started too late. What I didn't know about is they wanted to change the image of the man that was WCW - Ric Flair. They also had people in charge of the business side who had no knowledge of the business side.

    Got it right? Even the one thing they did right right they cocked up. The NWO was the best thing about WCW but it dominated WCW. IIRC not many top faces who were on the side of WCW won and the NWO had too many members at one point.
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    I know what happened mate but they got it right and wwe were in a lot of shit because of it. Obviously mistakes started happening but WWE are making the same mistakes, mistakes which ironically they love bringing up when it comes to wcw.
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    WWE announced post-tax profits of over £140 million this week, their highest ever in the company's history. That's £40 million more in 1 year than what Tony Khan has put into AEW to put into perspective

    However Vince does see AEW are trying to exploit the tag team side of Wrestling, hence why you're seeing the oddest type of tag team pairings in WWE lately - Shane/Miz, Rusev/Nakamura etc. Apparently Andrade/Rey is gonna be the next big thing.
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    Jay White is the new IWGP HW Champion. Talk about prostituting or lowering the value of your main title.
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    With the people that new Japan have lost in the last few month they seem to be panicking and the American expansion they seemed to be trying with shows in the states suffered with the US shutdown, last I checked it had no Japanese lads on and read like a roh show.

    What a year that 49 year old up and comer has had. Best in the world tournament winner and winning the tag belts against da bar.
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    Talk about a meteoric rise. In fairness to Jay, his two WK matches have both been excellent, which until now are us highest profile matches, but he really does seem to have had an almost Goldberg level push.
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    I don't get him at all like, I know they see him as Omega's replacement but it just seems like such a downgrade. To be fair he's still young and has plenty of time to develop but he's nowhere near ready for the level of push he is receiving.
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    I do like him, but I agree with your point. New Japans problem is, where do they go really?

    If they want to move forward, keep in mind they are trying to internationalise but have just lost Jericho and The Elite, which is enormous. Jay is by default now their biggest none-Japanese guy.

    Wrestling logic says its best to have a face challenging for the title, and a heel with it. For me it makes sense to go into the MSG show with Jay as champion V Okada, who after his trilogy wuyh Kenny is their best known Japanese guy in America
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    I like Shane but he shouldn't have a belt.........always enjoy his matches and would prefer him to have a big match than most of the mid card tbh, he brings out the best in his opponents.
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    You will disagree with me but I think they should have pushed Tama Tonga as a singles and put the strap on him. He has such a cool swag about him, screams star.
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    He's a complete bell end though
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    He was ok as a "once every 2-3 years" special.

    But as a regular performer, hell no.

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