Wrestling - Part 3

Discussion in 'SMB' started by ChrisAshley, Jan 2, 2015.

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  3. Joe-B

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    Look at the facts. Mo, Money...
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    Aye dont let facts get in the way
  5. moshpit

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    Facts....what facts ya daft sod. They are bleeding money, look at their annual reports ffs.

    Its obvious to anyone watching the show lets be honest...cutting the pyros to save cash speaks volumes.
  6. Mr Redknapp

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    definitely setting up Bryan siding with Owens and Zayn
  7. chr1s1973

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    Sorry, just saw this.

    I have AMEX, but I think it's 8005253355

    There are still tickets there, $70 for raw and smakdown and about $5000 in ticketwanker fees.......
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  10. Reptilia

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    Would be a great way to bring up Cole and ReDragon by having them join forces with them as well, massive ROH faction.
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  11. Joe-B

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    Sarah Logan's promo :lol:
  12. coyneeee

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    The only reason why I'll be watching Clash of Champions next week is to see if Rousey debuts.

    She's put on her own website training at the WWE Performance Center with Natalya so it's pretty much a done thing at this stage and it looks to be the direction they're taking the big name women's for the road to Wrestlemania.
  13. Mr Redknapp

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    They are telling a good story with Shane mind, making him look like a power hungry arsehole.
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  14. sadsack01

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    There was a report out a few months ago which stated the cutting of the pyro was, indeed, to cut costs but only because they are not on target to hit their increased profits target in 2017 vs 2016.

    Edit - found the report - https://www.thesportster.com/wrestl...gs-that-will-change-and-7-will-stay-the-same/
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  15. coyneeee

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    That's not the story they're trying to tell, Shane is the face in this storyline not the heel..

    KO and Zayn are the heel's for being mercenaries
    Shane is the face trying to punish them as anyone would in a working environment
    Bryan is sat on the fence at the moment but will more than likely turn heel.

    Whether it leads to Bryan returning to the ring at WM to face Shane is probably the outcome everyone wants
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  16. Mr Redknapp

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    McMahon said that he did not have a vendetta at the start of Smackdown and by the end he appeared to show that he does. It is painting the picture that Bryan is looking justified in turning on him.
  17. Iceman97

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    I think it's blatantly obvious that they're turning Shane into Vince. Just based on the fact he was a suit jacket at the end of the show which is very unlike him, as well as him saying; "I'm going to be the special guest referee, and if Kevin and Sami lose, well then they are done, finished, fired. Not just from SmackDown, all of WWE" which is practically what Vince said in reference to Austin matches every month in 1998/99.

    I reckon the tag match at Clash of Champions will end with Shane getting knocked down and Bryan ending up counting the 1-2-3 for a Zayn/KO win.
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  18. Tman87

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    Seems like the most likely root, plus, DB as a heel just wouldn't work, IMO
  19. Iceman97

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    If they tried making Bryan a heel and aligning him with KO and Zayn, they'd just end up being the three most over people in the entire company.
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  20. coyneeee

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    Isn't that what they want with KO anyways? We all said when Vince jobbed to KO that it was done to get KO super over.

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