Wrestling - Part 3

Discussion in 'SMB' started by ChrisAshley, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Iceman97

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  2. Iansamackem

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    No nothing mate
  3. Iceman97

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    Ah whey.
  4. Tman87

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    Kevin Owens, model pro :cool:
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  5. Iceman97

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    People on r/Squared Circle saying he should blame Shane for this on Tuesday :lol::lol: That'd be class.
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  6. Iansamackem

    Iansamackem Midfield

    My kids think I'm Kevin Owens and everytime i go to watch PCW they say, be careful Daddy hahaha.
  7. Ceverton

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    That would be hilarious :lol:
  8. coyneeee

    coyneeee Winger

    I didn't think you could get a more stranger feud than the Bray / Balor one which never concluded.
    But Matt Hardy interrupting Bray in his Broken gimmick may top that. It was possibly the strangest segment I have ever watched in WWE history :D

    The cheers Matt got from the crowd says it all however, it was long overdue.
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  9. Clive

    Clive Goalkeeper

    This Matt Hardy thing is almost so bad it's good. Hair like a bird's nest, says strange things in a strange voice, shows his teeth, waves his arm doing all this delete business, and everyone laps it up!
  10. chr1s1973

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    Does anybody know if there is a pre-sale for the Raw after WrestleMania? I see the tickets go on sale on Friday.
  11. ErichZann

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    Matt Hardy's laughing :lol:.......I loved that promo segment :lol:
  12. Reptilia

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  13. Ceverton

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    Poor Bray Wyatt's character means nothing, I totally zone out to every word he says, however Matt Hardy was fantastic!
  14. Pilner

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    His laugh had me creased
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  15. Boot Cleaner

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    Austin Aries appeared at Defiant in Newcastle last night. The crowd went absolutely nuts! Mark Haskins and Chris Ridgeway appeared later with Aries later to attack the main event. Some faction! Then Stu Bennett cleared them from the ring with Primate and Havoc.

    Was a very good night!
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  16. Joe-B

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  17. Iansamackem

    Iansamackem Midfield

    Ridgeway will be fucking fantastic in a few years, he good now but once he gets where he needs to be
  18. Clive

    Clive Goalkeeper

    Do you think he's based it on Ken Dodd?
  19. coyneeee

    coyneeee Winger

    Are they teasing a D Bryan vs Shane match at WM by any chance?

    Harper and Rowan look better together than previously, still the worst tag finisher of all time but it's an improvement.
  20. Reptilia

    Reptilia Winger

    Nah, Bryan has early signs of CTE. No way would they let him wrestle again.

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