Would you start Benji over Grigg?


Subs Bench
Would be more fun to go and watch, even just the anticipation with being a relatively unknown quantity that he might do something.

and seeing someone bust a gut for a change.


He anticipated the fall of the ball & took his goal well today. He’s a much hungrier player.

Whereas, Grigg had that through ball in on goal and shots straight at the keeper just before half time. His confidence is shot!
He's worth a start on Tuesday simply because he took his goal well. He didn't panic and just stroked it into the net. He'll be no worse than any other player on the pitch today. He'll bring pace and enthusiasm to unsettle the opposition defence. Play Whatmore too, he did well when he came on. Let's use them to get a lead in the game instead of bringing them on at the end to salvage something!


Someone give me one reason why you wouldn't?

Grigg has set the bar so low I would play anyone else now - how can they be worse? Kimpioka actually put that spherical thingy into that net thingy... extraordinary.

Kimpioka, Connolly, A.Trialist, Benno... anyone.