Would you rather....?


I once went over on my ankle trying to dance like MC Hammer in Bentleys.
I bet it hurt a lot more than a right hook off Katie (what the fuck have you done to your face) Price.
Even though Price no doubt has a clout like a yawning hippo, she'd still be a filthy fuckbag. I'd fully expect a punch in the face at some point during, so yeah I'm choosing Jordan. Hammertime can watch and shout stop when I start bleeding.

Chicken Kiev

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Meet MC Hammer and do the Hammertime Dance with him or get punched in the face by Katie Price?

I just needed a break from the politics forum 🤷🏻‍♀️

First to answer can set the next poser👍

Dear me ya just not getting it a ya?

your lets look at me craic holds no bounds, always looking for attention arent ya........


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Pricey ... but there'd be nothing you could do to her that she hasn't had 10x bigger, harder , weirder etc., before. Fuck it still Pricey.