Would the following signings constitute a good window?


Someone like Reece James, who was on about 2k a week? Still think its strange why we let him go.
Certainly better than De Bock and would probably have started the season as first choice or taken that position quickly due to Humes ropey start. In retrospect probably a poor decision to let him go but his absence may inadvertently have been positive given Humes development since which would very possibly have been blocked by James. I think we certainly need competition at WB- McClaughlin might cover the right side but I'd rather give Kokolo a shot on the left if we don't sign anyone.


Personally I'd give Kokolo a go before McLaughlin even though the youths are playing shite he might look better with Gooch alongside him.

Let's hope hume stays fit anyway
Hulme staying fit is absolutely key to how we are playing at the moment
Semenyo would be a good addition he can play left wing but also cover as wing back
Docherty (loan)
Semeyo (loan)

Would still leave us light at left back if Hume got injured, however I can't see us bringing in 6 signings?
Aye. Although apparently Nketiah staying at Arsenal is gonna affect us getting Semenyo according to Alan Nixon.

We really could use another left footed wing back like, Hume is our only option over there. Even if it's just a freebie or 6 month deal for an older player. I could see McLaughlin or at a push Gooch/Watmore doing a job at RWB.


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Depends whether Semenyo can actually play wing back. Cover/competition for Hume should be No.1 priority imo. I'd also prefer a left footer over Wright but at least he's mobile and he is a decent player but imagine a left footed version of Willis! It would allow us to play some class football


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Wright ???????

Would still leave us light at left back if Hume got injured, however I can't see us bringing in 6 signings?
Bailey Wright, Aussie centre back from Bristol City. He's a similar height and build to Willis but a bit more no nonsense.
Seem to remember Pickford saying he was a really good talker on the pitch as well when he was at Preston. Bristol City fans on here have spoke highly of him but said he's very right sided and can play rb but can't recall him ever playing left side which is surely where he'd play for us. With that in mind I'd rather have a left footer personally. Charlie Mulgrew would have been perfect but he can't play for another club this season unfortunately.