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Discussion in 'SMB' started by T_Bone, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Sorry if Seb but I've just accidentally come across this website and was very impressed so thought I would mention it here in case any of our posters would benefit from using it.
    It's a second hand book website that offers over 2 million books for sale. I've just bought nine books for a total cost of £28 incl post. I won't use Amazon books again.
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    wrang forum mate
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    Yes I've just realised.
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    Nee link either what’s the matter with ya man.
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    what an abomination
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    I'm having a mare
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    OP illustrating his stupidity yet again.
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  9. Still nee link.
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    It's called old age you buffoon. The website is no good for you, it doesn't sell crayoning books or Janet and John.
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  11. Excellent. Love owt like this me

    World Of Books: Cheap Books - Buy Second Hand Books


    I also recommend the

    Books | Cheap Books | Online at Book People

    Quick payers if you go through quidco these people
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  12. Just a word of warning. I bought my little boy some books from 'World of Books' on ebay which were described as 'in very good condition'. When they turned up they were absolutely filthy to the point of being disgusting. One of them the pages were all stuck together with what looked like jam or something. I messaged them and got my money refunded no problem but I have never used them since and the books went straight in the bin. I wouldn't have even sent them to a charity shop.
  13. Bought off @tunstall birdman eh?
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  14. The other link I posted are excellent and never had any reason to complain. The book people and the works are my online go to sites
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    Well I've been after a copy of John Barth's Giles Goat-boy for a while and have only seen them at ridiculous prices on Amazon. They've got 4 copies around a fiver on there, I'll have a punt at that.


    Excellent. I've just ordered a copy for £5.29 listed as very good condition with the free postage (not in a rush, got plenty to read on the go at the minute). Bit of a shot to nothing really, I'll let you know how I get on.
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    Those of us who own bookshops would really rather you didnt buy online
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    Get my Rough Guides and Lonely planet books off em. Normally pay 1p plus 2.80 p&p
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  20. Exactly the same for me. Though mine are all in Australia

    Create an online link for your place and at least I would have a look

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