Works Party dilemma!!!!!

Discussion in 'Gold' started by The Mighty Mackem, Dec 16, 2004.

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  1. hully2000

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  2. DeLonge

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    1000 :D

    and 1 :(
  3. hully2000

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  4. 1000 REPLIES 8)
  5. May I offer some advice? Get yerself a decent Camera with zoom (and webcam if funds can stretch to it).

    Learn how to compress (but retain quality) and post images to this forum. Will save a lot of hassle
  6. MacAbbotts

    MacAbbotts Guest

    Just a tad optimistic there I think... :lol:
  7. AB22 Easy Tiger

    AB22 Easy Tiger Nocturnal Tourist Staff Member Contributor

    Time to lock this up I think
  8. Arthur Reid

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  9. Sadly I concur - better to preserve than fade away

    Its been fun - thanks to everyone who has contributed. I shall now get on with work.

    BTW its my Xmas party next Wednesday - will take camera phone
  10. Bob Fleming

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    Dunno about a movie but what is the odds on this making it into Pab's next book?
  11. MackemMagic

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  12. TT2

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  13. hully2000

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  14. GOLD

    indeed, why not create a brand new category for it ?
  15. Spot

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    okay I'll slime back under my rock now :(
  16. Big Sharp Teeth

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    What like?

    Super Gold Plus or Bordering on Pornography?
  17. edjuardo

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