Working in the ‘stans

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Dave Herbal, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. ouro

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    No, got strongarmed into a side room and accused of smuggling drugs. Strip searched while they went through my gear behind my back, then when they gave me everything back my wallet was empty. Fuckers. I claimed it back on expenses mind.
  2. If you've been to 7even on your own on a Saturday night you'll be fine ower in the 'stans there mate.
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  3. Biffo The Bear

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    You have to be very careful. They really are a nightmare. You Atyrau based or site?

    Walking back from some of the local bars Friday / Saturday after about 11.30 can be very dodgy. As you say the locals are less than pleased we are there. I stay opposite (500 yards) from one of the most popular and even that can be dicey.
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  4. Herberthall

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  5. Musicman

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    guessing Atyrau hotel, guns and roses ?
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  7. Mackem00

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    I'd go if I was you Dave.
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  8. Dave Herbal

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    It’s not going to happen overnight. I’d need a passport first like.
  9. Gonna go for it tho?
  10. World class stalling, that, mind. I salute you, sir.

    Do Kazahks have a knicker drawer you can shit in ?
  11. Musicman

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    how did you get into Paris without a passport ?

    Or has it ran out ?
  12. Brian Griffin

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    I'm a typical 'get my ticket' and everything else will take care of itself.

    I've only been mugged once. In Sri Lanka.
  13. Billy Rocket

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  14. Biffo The Bear

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    Ardager Apartments - Joy / Blackberry.
  15. Billy Rocket

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    I grew up in Ashingstan. Loads of radgy natives disguised as badgers hiding amongst the rubble, always trying to steal from me as I walked by.
  16. Musicman

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    posh end as well !!
  17. Market Where?

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    Do it - just make sure that transport is arranged from airport to hotels and hotel to work. There is a classic taxi scam in all those countries where you get in one and driven to an ATM and asked for a shitload of money in a menacing way.
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  18. The Cookie Monster

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    Why's that? (genuine question)
  19. I think he's probably on a plane and not be back for 2/3 weeks, might be a while for an answer
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