Working in the ‘stans

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Dave Herbal, Oct 10, 2017.

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    canny treck for a pint
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    Warra fucking flange .
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  3. I think I can safely say, if you don’t go we will all regret it
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    If you really are the way you say you are, don't go. You will be ripped to bits starting from getting ripped off with taxi driver and taken to nearest cash point. Worked in the area for years on and off. I felt safer in Basra than Atyrau late at night. The locals hate us....
  5. Take your clipboard if it will make you feel more at home.;)

    Conferences will be a little different as people will be on full on dickhead mode either getting lashed as they are away from home or trying to network their way up the career ladder.
    If you are away to do some work and are effectively a guest in someone else's country, people will generally be wanting to make you feel welcome and tell you how great the place is.
    Despite all the scare stories, 90% of people are alright and will want to make you welcome.
  6. Herbal, always need samples of our CaO dropping at such places - it's a pure white powder, if I give you some will you take it for me ?

    pint in it
  7. Ffs :lol:

    There’s a film plot here
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    This advice also goes for travelling to/in Peterlee
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    If it is Kazakhstan it really depends upon where you are based / fly into.

    Astana is modern - Airport no bother and flights via Lufthansa are decent.
    Almaty is modern and a great night out. Loads of bars and restaurants. Airport as above.
    Locals very friendly and most speak English very well.

    If you are, like me, unlucky............
    Atyrau is crap. One decent hotel and a couple of decent bars and restaurants. Flights via Air Astana are expensive and service almost non-existent. Customs are a pain in the arse.
    You will get a tatty immigration slip which you have to register with police within 5 days. Do Not Lose it or you will not be allowed to fly out. If you realise early enough you can replace it for $300. Carry passport (with slip) whenever out as can be stopped at any time to produce. No passport = On the spot 'fine' or if late a night in the Plod Hotel.
    Most locals ok except in the bars late on when it can be very 'interesting'.
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    Considering their pinnacle achievement for beer is probably Kronembourg I'd say it was a wasted journey.
    Unless @Dave Herbal did a Big Sam and had a pint of wine
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    You should have taken the easy route to money and gone to medical school.
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    Well, he was just nipping out for a paper, but....
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    He talks footy with us and we don't love him.
    Just joking Herbal me old fruit.
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    Don't forget your packed lunch
  15. Haway @Dave Herbal , this sounds fun

    You can write a blog. From prison or not, we don’t care
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    Atyrau is fucking bleak mind.

    When they started the 14 day visa exemption (now 28), the immigration official 'accidentally' stamped my passport with the wrong date so I had already overstayed. Luckily one of the office admin girls spotted it straight away and drove back to the airport with my boarding card to make sure they put it right. I have had several issues in Atyrau fucking airport.
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    I’m trying to get to Astana but it’s a bastard fortune

    Get yersel out there on a freebie and enjoy it
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    Watch this for the travelers guide to the Stans......... Should pick up some good tips

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    Issues in the airport, did they involve the bastard putting his hat on the counter to put money in. Also calling you back through after opening your case

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