Working in the ‘stans

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Dave Herbal, Oct 10, 2017.

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    Workplace racism is OK out there so you'll be fine :lol:
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    I work in Kazakhstan for one month a year. It's mad hot in summer with mosquitos galore and can reach minus 40 in winter, so pack accordingly. The food is awful, the drink is OK. Almaty (including the airport) is no bother, but I got robbed by airport security in Atyrau. The bastards. It's big and flat... and that's about it.​
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  4. Jack Wolforskin

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    Don't wear your Mag shirt Marra.
  5. offshore

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    Bottle of vodka and a loaf of bread is all you need
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    I reckon herbal will be a local tribe leader before Christmas.
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    From call centre to Kazakhstan.
  8. It worked for me in Birmingham too!
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  10. Just heard a narrator in my head say

    "Tonight, on banged up abroad..."
  11. Roger

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    Never done any of the ‘stans but got ripped off and mugged several times a day working in Russia. Just put it down on works expenses !

    Seriously, if it’s only for a few days, go for it. It’s fascinating discovering different places and cultures. Chances are you will hate some things but love others, either way it will open your eyes a little.

    (Russians and Georgians I worked with briefly were actually all really nice people)
  12. Southwickistan holds no fear for me
  13. hefty em

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    Wear your camouflage trousers. You'll be fine.
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  14. Dave Herbal

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    Canny advice so far. However, people saying go out and enjoy the experience obviously haven’t read enough of my threads to understand my issues with people and with non-organised things. I once went to a conference in Harrogate and didn’t speak to a single person while I was there.
    Ditto with the aforementioned Paris trip. I just mooched around smoking tabs aggressively and swaggering like a hard man.
    If I do end up in one of these places on my own I’m not leaving the fucking hotel.
  15. In either case you'll be fine. Just one way you'll be out having a laugh and possibly a great life experience, and the other you will be in your hotel room (take your Xbox or whatever you play), eating room service and drinking a few beers. You'll be safe as houses whatever.
  16. Dave Herbal

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    The chances are it will be at a power station or chemical plant in the middle of nowhere so I don’t know how much culture there would be to experience anyway.
  17. People just living their lives in a completely different environment from what you're used to is cultural man. I know what you mean about your experiences mind, I'm as shy as they come, but I made an effort to just go for it once I was on the road as it really is the opportunity of a life time. It's not always glamorous, in fact in truth it rarely is, but it's definitely interesting and gives you some cracking tales and experiences to look back on.
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  18. Walter Ego

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    My friend has just been cycle touring round Uzbek/Kyrgyz/some other Stans. Looked amazing, was so jealous.
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    Dave prefers a car......... in fact can we insist he hires one and takes it for a spin
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  20. Please wear a go~pro cam and live stream back to here when you do, it’s the sort of reality tv that I’d actually watch.

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