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Discussion in 'SMB' started by LondonMackem, May 15, 2019.

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    If your job is managing people, the best way to interact with them is through face to face conversation. Anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves.
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    You can see them face to face when its important, not 5 days a week

    You cant be arsed with Skype? You are a disgrace.

    Think of productivity, efficiency, the planet, families. No no, you cant be arsed with Skype, think about it mate, you are on the wrong path.
  3. C-S-L Mackem

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    In the main, I agree. Mainly because otherwise, as has been suggested in this thread, people are tethered to email or Skype. Glancing at email every 5 minutes or making sure nobody is wanting you on Skype is no good if you need to work on something that requires focus or concentration (though if you keep popping your head around the door to interrupt every half an hour, that doesn't work either)
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    idiot ^^^

    have you even read the thread?

    bloody hell.
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    I have indeed. My issue is with distraction, more than anything else. You mention productivity and efficiency, anything that takes you away from your task ruins these things. It takes about half an hour to refocus after any form of distraction. Every time you check your email or switch over to Skype.

    I work from home quite a bit, but I don't have to be on Skype or have my email open, so I'm lucky. For people that have to check these things constantly to make sure the office don't want them are not likely to benefit from any of the benefits you mention.
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    You are talking complete shite, even when I am in work with my co worker beside me it is simply much more efficient with Skype.

    What distraction are you on about???? :eek:
  7. C-S-L Mackem

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    Anything that takes your attention away from the task you're doing. Checking your phone, checking your email, having someone jabbering beside you, etc. I'm not saying working in an office with other people is efficient, just that working from home will also be very inefficient if you've got to check whether anyone at the office wants something every five minutes. If you don't have to do this, then yes, really efficient. Going from what people have said on this thread, that doesn't seem to be the case most of the time.

    In the end, in the office or not, it all depends on how much people bother you.
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    You are kind of making my point, working from home is simply much more efficient.
  9. C-S-L Mackem

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    In an ideal world, it should be, simply because you've got less distraction in the form of hustle and bustle. Not always the case though if you've got to be constantly connected. There are other issues around being able to switch off from work (particularly if your wfh space is not separate from where you generally "live") and the social benefits of being in an environment with other people, but they aren't my central argument.

    I do like working from home, for what it's worth, but that's because I don't currently have my own office at work. If/when I do, I think I'd prefer to be there.
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    Exactly right, what you prefer is each persons own business. With commutes I dont see your point but hey ho.
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    Its not as simple as that.

    It was actually a favour the boss did me as I was coming back from a brief trip away with said mates and we were supposed to drive up overnight from Stansted to the north east. I'd be back 9 am and able to work from home on a day the boss needed information from me and to type up a couple of reports he needed. He'd have otherwise let me have the day off. All was planned out as one of them needed to get back up north too (the other two lads were brothers).

    However, the other lad got a message to say he wasn't needed and instead decided to get some kip at the services between Cambridge and Huntingdon at the hotel there. I could still bang off the reports early aftenoon if we got away first thing.

    The morning came and both decided they wanted to spend the day in Cambridge. So that was me screwed (even train by that stage from Cambridge would be too late) and it turned out to be a good day to be fair. They said if I skived and played it clever, who would know?

    I messaged my boss to say I had PC problems and he responded it wasn't ideal, but if he had the reports spot on first thing Monday then that would be okay. As it happened, I rattled them off and e-mailed them through as PDFs on the Sunday. So all was good, so I thought.

    The catch came as another person from my company happened to be in Cambridge on that same day, also off work visiting family. He'd seen me wandering around, apparently shouted over but I hadn't heard him. It was from him my boss had found out, but as he'd met the customer's deadline of first thing Monday thanks to me getting the reports to him, he left things well alone.

    He only raised it on my last day to see how I'd react and by then, it just didn't matter.

    If I'd realised the other lad was in Cambridge, I could have told him to keep his mouth shut, but I just didn't see him. It was a real long shot I was spotted so far from home to be fair.

    That was my one and only experience of "working from home". :lol:
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    99% of people who claim they are more productive at home are talking out of their cake hole. The other 1% are just kidding themselves.
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    Thats very true, I allow the girls who work for me to manage their time themselves around their childcare needs (ie starting at 7 and finishing at 3 or 10-6 instead of 9-5) and make myself available to them every morning Mon-Thurs - apart from that I wfh. Works for us but each company is different
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    its fucking shite, unless its an excuse to dodge work, I.E. hangover or bucking
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    It's got it's place, but my last gig had me predominately WFH for night on 5 years.
    Not much point being in an office when your manager is in Germany and your team is scattered across Europe and India.

    Was very isolating in the long run I found, just in terms of general mental health.
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    Lots of wanking.
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    not continuously, a day or two each week is great. especially when cricket is on.

    100%, i did it for 2 years, sent me loopy.
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    Big Tele ? ? Wank
  19. Mixed thoughts. Not as productive for me and like being amongst my team.
    I like to separate completely my home life to my work life thus not working at home helps.

    My boss keeps offering me to work at least one day a week at home thus I can if I want to. Find the distractions at home difficult. The Lab being the main one when he sits next to me and keeps lifting his paw to go out for a walk.
    I do take a monthly call though from the US at home though to give me back s few hours .
    I guess it suits some as well as being suited better to certain roles.
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    this as well. "can you make a drink", "can you just hoover the stairs", "can you cut the grass"

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