Work coffee/tea mugs - What does yours say ?

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I was a 60's child, and always loved watching Felix the Cat, with his bag of tricks 👍
Used to finish school at 3 10 .. Home by 3 20 .. But southern tv shut down from 2 til 4.. I used to sit watching the test card til Felix come on .. Always had a cup of tea and some rich tea biscuits when was on... Happy days...
Don't drink tea or coffee at work, so don't have one.

If I did, it would probably say something class like 'Keep calm and drink lager' or something like that.


Mine reads "If you think my attitude stinks you should smell my fingers" :cool:
when I worked mine was a SAFC pot. My line manager stole it and destroyed it when I was on holiday (shopped by my friends). He was a mag.

in retaliation I superglued his diary to his desk, superglued his mug to his diary and filled it with hot coffee.

Twat took me out one day to a mystery destination that happened to be the St James Park fans shop.

I went along with what he was doing and when we got back to his car he asked what I was laughing at. Then I told him i'd been to the bogs at the shop and shit all over the floor.