Words you don't hear anymore no.3127

Hue Jorgan

Scullery - as in kitchen
clarts - as in muddy
nithered - as in very cold
wireless - as in the radio
blarn a hoolie - as very windy

never heard the op’s word like ever


Central Defender
Buckshee. Often used by my Dad, as in wanting to know if the last slice of cake was 'going buckshee'. I've mentioned it before and someone on here said it originated in army slang. Which would be appropriate for Dad.
My dad used it too originates from baksheesh I believe , Arabic for gratuity.
He used a lot of odd words some military , some Romany .
Shysher for nothing eg giz a tab dad , you're getting "shysher' .Jeer case for backside .
Nash for leave .
Banjo for hit or punch
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