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Re: another history lesson

foolzy said:
GK said:
The Romans the Normans the Vikings They came they saw but never fully conquered JARRA :wink:

But it's neewhere near as good as South Shields.

I see you missed the important last bit off that essay there Jarra. Shame on you.
aye shields rules

sanddancers of the world unite!!

stinky friggin jarra :wink:
Sandies were the original smoggies :wink:
In fact South Shields was once the most important salt making town in Britain, having taken over this status from the town of Greatham near Hartlepool, which had been the salt making `capital' in the fifteenth and sixteeenth centuries - indeed Salt Making was the early chemical industry of Teesside. For centuries the salt making gave South Shields a horrible, dense eye watering environment and the fumes from the huge salt pans could be seen clearly from Durham, and according to Daniel Defoe from the summit of the Cheviot many miles to the north. So bad was the local atmosphere, that the wife of a local parson compared South Shields to `Sodom and Gomorrah'. Fortunately South Shields is a much healthier place to live today tho. :wink:
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