Woodstock ‘99

League Wan

Full Back
Just watched a few short documentaries about it from a few years ago. $4 for a bottle of water, tents in piss and shite and a van got nicked and drive into the crowd with people dancing on the top and rapist's in the back. I'll have to watch this Netflix one now


Class. Some of it looked great fun , but not a single person comes out of it looking well other than the hillbilly with the mullet and gammy eye

Yanks are, generally speaking, the worst people on earth

Sea Toad

Reserve Squad
Both documentaries are mental, watched this one the other night. John Scher has zero remorse about how wrong it went. They never mention how much they made of this literal shitshow.

Some interesting and harrowing insights especially the Fatboy slim segment.


I loved this, wild, but truly the last time on earth when life was truly fun. No cameras everywhere or phones. Bring back the smaller world, where people had to venture into their community to socialise. Events really were events. It’s all made up internet stuff nowadays.


Subs Bench
Made me feel rough watching it wondering how they coped with the booze, drugs, dehydration and the lack of rest on top of that with the heat. Even in my peak I’d probably be back at home in bed after day one