Women who slept with David Bowie say they weren't abused

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    Age of consent is 18 and even higher in most US states iirc though there are some weird anomalies in the Bible belt where you can get legally married at 14 etc
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    Too old for Kate though, all about getting stuck into bairns.
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    I thought you were saying 16 doesn't count cos it's legal mate
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    John,i'm only noncing.
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    You sure about that?
    I’m not sure it’s true. I was just about to do a google search on age of consent by state, purely in the spirit of entering the discussion of course, but then realised that’s what helped get a certain Mr. Johnson into trouble so I decided not to. Still I think the rules are different state by state and probably closer to 16 in most states would be my guess.
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    Big variances state by state but you're correct 16 in most but it's 17 in New York and 18 in some.

    Johnson only got into bother because he had acted contrary to the available info tbf
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    It is here and most of the states.
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    ..... Said the Laughing Gnome

    ... Said the Laughing Gnome
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    Said Mick jagger
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