Women who slept with David Bowie say they weren't abused

Discussion in 'SMB' started by dangermows, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Proper wrong un
  2. Improper behaviour.
  3. I guess it's separating the work from the person. Chinatown and Rosemary's Baby are brilliant films, but Roman Polanski's a vile child rapist who should have done time. I have a soft spot for some of the Soviet iconography and posters, but they were a brutal, murdering regime.

    I'm not the biggest Bowie fan, but he's got some great songs and his music means a lot to people. That doesn't change. But admiring Bowie the person? He was clearly a bit of a predatory nonce.

    So the songs and films exist as things in themselves, separate from the artist and I think it's possible to like one and not the other.
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  4. Hypocrites, hypocrites everywhere !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Lori was very very young when she shagged Page and you can even see she is in the photos of them in the rainbow.. Read I’m with the band by Pamela Des Barres and it will open your eyes to the amount of abuse that was going on! Frank Zappa recruited very young girls for the GTOs. I’m very surprised none of the 60s rock stars are not inside for sexual abuse of young girls.
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    He idolised Alastair Crowley and was a Devil worshipper.. until he got cancer. Then he converted. :rolleyes:

    Hate Bowie me. Bloke was a bellend.
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    Surely lies?

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    Good prog on this evening about Dave.
  12. Much like the rest of most peoples lives, not just on here.
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    A bunch of groupies in their late teens and 20's when Zappa got the band together iirc.
    Miss Christine was the live-in nanny for Zappa's two oldest children (Dweezil and Moon Unit) before Miss Pamela took over the position.
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    If you're not interested in the individual why did you start a thread about him having sex with under age girls stating you love him ?
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    Just a guess but maybe he thinks the individual and the music he produced are separate things?
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    When he sang about young Americans, I didn't realise he meant....
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    Really young.

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    Bet he was a crap shagger

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