Women are as shallow as men

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    Do lasses not have to make all the mistakes to arrive at your wise vantage point ?

    Exactly ..I live by the day on here
    Strange people pulling stuff out fro months ago
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  2. Son of Stan

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    Erm, no. Not really. They are looking at the legislation of upskirting I believe. Not our fault, however, if some men sit wide legged displaying their bits. And I personally wouldn't be taking pics of that. Although I did once pretend not to take a picture of David Tennant on the tube. :)
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  5. Tidied.
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    noted and will try to resist ;)
  7. Some Random Guy

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    So if you sat on the tube flashing your knickers are photos allowed?
  8. Son of Stan

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    Absolutely not. Haway man, ever tried to sit next to a bloke who has his legs at some frankly impossible angle because he can't or won't attempt to sit a bit more appropriately on public transport? Absolute nightmare.
  9. I’ll have to have a think about what that means.
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    I don’t mind being in the shallow end!
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    Never mind
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    @dangermows stop posting DM links its doing our heads in, have a look at alien news at least that will be entertaining marra.
  15. dangermows

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    They are taking pics on the sly of blokes they are perving on.
  16. BigPete

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    Sometimes it can crush your veg if you don't adjust them. You don't wana start doing that infront of a lass or else would look like perv feeling yourself
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    Yes I know I read that. I'm not sure the blokes would mind too much given that they are being called hot. But yes, if someone did that to women I'm sure it would be called an invasion of some sort. You can't have it both ways, I agree. However, it's not remotely on a par with upskirting, which is vile.
  18. I'm Spartacus

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    The older they get, the dirtier they get man..
    I caught a middle aged woman (sitting with her hubby and kids I may add) checking my junk out when I was on holiday. I was standing talking to someone in the bar in my shorts. I looked down and clocked this wifey blatantly staring at it for ages. when she finally looked up and realised I knew what the dirty little minx was up to she eeked git loud and put her head in her hands. Her husband gave her a right funny look :lol:

    I'd like to say i can't blame her for checking it out, it's magnificent, however it was probably excess material foldage like episode one of curb your enthusiasm.....
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  19. dangermows

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    It's cos they get bored of mundane married life and are on the prowl.

    Any pic didn't on the sly, and done so for gratification, is the same. Whether it's of some blokes cock bulging through his strides or a moist gusset of a lass in a skirt. IMO.
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