Will this sell out?


Bloody hell, most folk on here can't even log onto the site to buy tickets. Now they have to find out a way to print them out

We're fucked lads.
One of these random wise folk who send random lengthy essays into the Safc banter page thinks the slow sales are because we have loads of oldies who have no computer knowledge ,then ends it with "plus people are on holiday etc "

is BobBob lost

Counted them. Also this 2.5k doesn’t take into account the 2.5k the club have taken off sale this morning. Presumably to give to staff/players/foundation. Doubt they will all go as well.

As I say though it doesn’t matter, still a class turnout!
They can't "give" any tickets away, as 87.5% of the face value goes elsewhere. staff/players etc will already have been catered for (effectively Phase 0).
Most likely explanation for those taken off sale is that they have been sent north to be sold from the ticket office like happened in the Checkatrade. Most likely, but not certain.