Wild Bill

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Mally Mackem, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Mally Mackem

    Mally Mackem Midfield

    really enjoyed the mix of serious crime and a touch of dark comedy Rob low was spot on
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  2. EchoMan

    EchoMan Winger

    Enjoyed it even if it was far fetched.
    The must leave the doors open on those wind turbines.
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  3. Mally Mackem

    Mally Mackem Midfield

    aye the end was a bit daft but it's got great potential I reckon..
  4. Sumdumgi

    Sumdumgi Winger

    Not for me, found the whole thing pretty tedious to be honest.
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  5. vinegar hill

    vinegar hill Striker

    Couldn’t make out half of what they were saying.
    That’s probably just me though gettin owld.
  6. FootballFan

    FootballFan Striker

    whats this? Hickock?
  7. wash

    wash Midfield

    Just watched on plus 1 not too bad
  8. waddy999

    waddy999 Winger

    Yup, tripe. Might get better.
  9. FootballFan

    FootballFan Striker

    Is this based on Hickock? Also is it on Netflix?
  10. Junior Birdman

    Junior Birdman Striker

    Great use of CGI at the end :lol::lol:
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  11. Locals are going nuts because it is set in Lincolnshire, and all the actors (except Rob Lowe, obviously) have Yorkshire accents.

    Brilliant casting by them people in that there London.
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  12. There are loads of ethnic minority coppers too, even though Lincolnshire is 107.58% white.
  13. Skandhaless

    Skandhaless Striker

    It's not, I went to look at a car in scunny the other week and it was an Asian dealership.. 99.9%;)
    Wild bill was shite 90% shite
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  14. Fetch Fletch

    Fetch Fletch Striker

    Is it a continuing storyline or one offs?
    Fucking hate procedurals but if it's serialised i'm tempted.
  15. It is set in Boston, which was Brexit Central. It was the seat that Paul Nuttall stood for in 2017 for the UKIPs, only to have his arse handed to him on a plate.

    Large numbers of immigrants have swamped local services in the area, at a time their funding is being cut savagely due to Tory austerity. In the EU referendum, it returned the biggest Leave vote in the U.K.
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  16. Non location scenes are probably made at the ITV Studios in Leeds.
  17. First episode was absolutely dreadful.
  18. Son of Stan

    Son of Stan Striker

    Agreed. Did nothing for me. Won't be watching any more.
  19. Grammar Police

    Grammar Police Midfield

    First one was absolutely fucking shit.

    An hour of my life I won't get back.
  20. Fletch

    Fletch Striker

    Looked shit , like heartbeat

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