Wii U opinions

I think it’s a good little console, though for me there weren’t that many games I bought for it. Mainly Zelda, Mario - the usuals. To be fair by that time I wasn’t playing as much and I was risk-averse with buying full price games. There’s plenty of past-generation games on the e-shop, though most were also available on previous gens.

If you’re thinking about going for one now I would consider how many games you are likely to buy for it, and take into account the end date for support of the e-shop. We’re now gearing up for the next generation of consoles, with PS5 due next year and rumours of a Switch Pro or Mini starting to surface. If you don’t care about current gen then the Wii U should keep you busy.
Was a great console, but it didn't have many games worth getting outside of the first party stuff. Ports were poor relations to other consoles.

The switch has a lot of those first party games now, may as well go for that unless there is something only on the wii u you really need to play.
Was great fun, however anything worth playing on it is available on the switch.

If you just want something cheap and fun for parties, the games that use the motion controls well (wii sports etc) are perfect. It's not really a 'serious' console; just good for killing a few minutes here and there.