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Why do we still have copper currency

Discussion in 'SMB' started by the veteran, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Never been taken in by it myself or sales that advertise 'prices from' but I guess some people are gullible.

    Swap it for vodka. Or just drink the scotch.
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  2. Joe Public

    Joe Public Striker

    Crypto currency is the way forward, if it’s good enough for harry redknapp it’s good enough for me.
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  3. South Hylton

    South Hylton Central Defender

    Don't use one of them, they take a commision, a lot of banks now have change machines you can use at no cost, as long as you bank with that bank I guess
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  4. Sima

    Sima Striker Lost Magpie

    Even 5ps are bollocks.

    Bin off everything under 10p imo.
  5. Arkle

    Arkle Striker Contributor

    How else would we pay Tosh Lines?
  6. Walter White

    Walter White Central Defender

    Not paying 10p for a carrier bag
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  7. Malloy

    Malloy Central Defender

    Ah right cheers.
  8. Sima

    Sima Striker Lost Magpie

    I've got those trolley bags. The ladies pure froth at the gash as expected for Roy Cropper wannabes like me.
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  9. 42

    42 Central Defender

    When the coins were worth more scrap than face value. In the pre 1983 pennies theres supposed to be 2p worth of copper in them
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  10. legend7

    legend7 Central Defender

    Aye I agree just get rid of them.
    Waste of time in this day and age.
  11. joemcdokes

    joemcdokes Striker

    The vending machines at work don't take copper, bit of a bastard as they always put stuff up 5p at a time.
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  12. ighty seven

    ighty seven Striker

    When another magnet is held near it?
  13. Hep

    Hep Midfield

    Easy answer, just move the decimal point on New Year’s Eve.

    So all the money we have in the bank gets devided by ten, as do prices and wages.

    Then a pint will only cost 34p and those pennies become worthwhile again.

    Change out of a tenner for a night out.
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  14. Occam's Razor

    Occam's Razor Striker

    Bitcoins just reached a new high. Sure I've got a few down the side of the settee
  15. super noodles

    super noodles Winger

    Even if they don't it's still better to take the time to sort them into the bags than lose money to the sorting machines imo. Or if you're really nice the teller might give you a hand counting it

    TAFKAHM Winger

    Try to get rid of mine everytime I go and get a small shop, still get the buggers back :lol:
  17. Dave Herbal

    Dave Herbal Striker

    My bank has a coin star type machine where you don’t get charged commission. NatWest in town, dunno about other banks thought

    And you’d struggle to carry the whiskey bottle full of osmium currency to the bank
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  18. I'm Spartacus

    I'm Spartacus Winger

    I always take the 50's out of my change in the pub and hoy what's left in the charity box. To be honest if it wasn't for the copper I'd probably count it and think fuck that, theres enough there for a bag of crisps.

    Aye get rid of the ginger bastards. I fucking love crisps....
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  20. Kent_Mackem

    Kent_Mackem Striker

    I don't remember the exact date but I was in 6th form so early 90s. I'm sure the coins were changed to steel with a copper paint coating or copper plating because it was cheaper.
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