Why did school teachers have odd names you never hear off?


I had a female teacher called Mrs Eykelenboom, pronounced aye-klen-boom. It's a Dutch origin surname, "boom" means tree as in Oranjeboom.

At that time the headmaster was called Mr Maybee. He was a vicious bastard who I heard was banged up for child abuse at a school he later moved to.
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Doing A-levels at Monkwearmouth College in the early 90s, we had a greek Maths lecturer called Dr Economides

At the same time, my Physics lecturer was called Jack Nicholson

At Northumbria, I had a statistics lecturer called Dick Lance

Worse name I can remember from school was a teacher in Redhouse Comp called Mrs Jellie


@nyron4england was Mrs Nicholson still there when you were there?
She was originally Miss (and I've no idea how to spell this) Konstashka - that's me going for the phonetic version of spelling it. Her and another lass came over from the Czech Republic.
She was my Tutor or whatever it was called for our group in Year 7 in Dale. She was stunning. Or certainly was at the time

Tom Bobbins

Had a Biology teacher called Mr Tyzack. Never heard of that name before or since.
Woodwork was with Mr Wood.
Metalwork with Mr Steel. Used to have a baldy napper, so we called him Bod.


Don't remember a Mrs Watson like.
I left in 1976- and Mrs Cheng was lethal with that blackboard rubber!!
It was Chen not Cheng.

She had me sat at the front as I was always messing about. I had a stack of books including the wass SMP maths book on the bench. We were all larking about as per and she ran up and furiously picked up then slammed down the books and they fell on the floor. I said “Ey! Those are my books - pick them up!” and she ran over and started roundhousing me in the ribs with both fists. Me and me mate Cooky were laughing so hard she threw us out. Then she came outside as we’re stood against the wall, bollocked Cooky then stood in front of me and just as she starts bollocking me Cooky let out a massive long cartoon style loud rasping fart so loud it was echoing up the corridor. I was absolutely buckled. She gave up on us and we spent the rest of the lesson with tears pouring down our cheeks with laughter and that pain you get in the back of your scalp. To this day from all the arsing around at school that we did, that incident stands out as the most pant-pissingly funny moment of the lot.


Probably because they were fictitious names they made up after having to leave another school for noncing the pupils.
My maths teacher was called Mr Fiddler, obviously not the brightest if he changed his name to that. The headmaster Mr Wilmshurst got banged up for child porn.