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Why can't I buy anti-biotics?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by safcforever, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. joemcdokes

    joemcdokes Striker

    Can't remember the last time I had antibiotics.
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  2. AndrewP

    AndrewP Striker

    Each to their own, just don't preach at me.

    The one time I had them was the weekend England played Hong Kong Select, beginning of last season at Roker.

    My wife (no) has had three courses in the last week. They said she had a kidney infection on Monday, said she didn't and to bin them on Tuesday, then told her she did again and made her buy some more on Wednesday. She was already on Penicillin for a infected cut too.
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  3. You aren't paying for your tablets you are contributing to the NHS. That is what the £8.60 charge is.
  4. joemcdokes

    joemcdokes Striker

    We already contribute, call it an added extra.
  5. Phenergan? ;)

    Zimmer frames now - walking aids.

    It is for those of us who pay, but I don't actually mind.
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  6. Bagpuss

    Bagpuss Striker

  7. joemcdokes

    joemcdokes Striker

  8. Frijj

    Frijj Striker

    I thought it was items per STAR-PU? That’s the measure I’ve always used for tracking antibiotic prescribing by surgery...
  9. and plant eaters too
  10. ---Nemo---

    ---Nemo--- Striker

    In short because you're clearly ill informed and may act irresponsibly. :lol:
  11. muggboots

    muggboots Striker

    Because you might come down with hyphenthermia.
  12. steve30000

    steve30000 Striker

    Exactly. "just take as many as you like, they're just like smarties"
  13. pavarotti1980

    pavarotti1980 Midfield

    Secondary care is DDDs. It's a little bit more complicated than that but luckily there are ways of doing it automatically now. Not sure ePACT is as clever
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  14. AndrewP

    AndrewP Striker

  15. Last edited: Oct 13, 2017
  16. AndrewP

    AndrewP Striker

    Ah right, you learn something new every day. :)

    A swab of piss.
  17. safcforever

    safcforever Striker

  18. Keawyeds

    Keawyeds Striker

    You're the one behind "Super Gonorrhoea" aren't you
  19. CatRyan

    CatRyan Striker

    people like you are going to end modern medicine

  20. ajthemackem

    ajthemackem Striker

    Fuck off.

    They haven't named whatever it is it yet.

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