Why can't I buy anti-biotics?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by safcforever, Oct 12, 2017.

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    There might be the odd exception I haven't met, otherwise vegans are arseholes.
  2. A wound I guess.
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    Branson's Space Travellers ?
  4. If I didn’t get slated for posting pictures of food on here I’d post a pic of the belly pork I’ve just had for me tea. Here’s a pic last week
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    There are huge targets for NHS trusts to hit for antimicrobial stewardship with a nice CQUIN bonus if achieved. That bonus is to keep some of your funding.. the target isn't driven by cost but the number of defined daily doses (DDD's)

    It's possibly one of the highest priorities in the NHS at present but feel almost like the horse has bolted
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    To the OP ? Do you smoke ? If so, that will be why you get a chest infection every time you get a cold. Your lungs can't cope with the overload of work it needs to do and the tar mixed with the mucus does lead to a bacterial infection.
    Just wondering - I'm an ex smoker myself so this only too well .
  7. sod it, I’ll do it anyway. No medicine in these bad boys
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    Pay someone 1/4 days wage to go to the drs and get them for you.

    How much you earn a day pal? ;)
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    It wasn't a UTI.

    It was from the operation site and I knew it was bacterial due to the symptoms. Ended up on a course of metronidazole to clear it up.
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    Or get a cheap return flight to spain. Tabs, drugs and sun.
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    Mate I used to work in a slaughterhouse as a young un....I now eat completely plant based...I would like to say its for ethical reasons but if Im honest not being part of the disgusting meat/dairy industry is a bonus....Meat and dairy are utterly shit for your health. Processed meat like bacon, sausages, ham etc are grade 1 carcinogens and are in the same catagory as tabs.......The fact that the meat industry contributes to global warming more than every vehicle on earth put together is fucking scary........There are actions being take against fossil fuels but what is being done about meat production?
  13. The farts from these do stink like. These are fed on fruit, veg and potatoes (I know that’s a veg too)
    Happy pigs and lovely. We have done it right as far as we could and it really shows in the product.
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    Used to be able to buy speed in the 70's. Called them bustaids. :cool:
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    Just bandages now . Call them firstaids.
  16. The whole of agriculture is a producer of carbon. It doesn’t plant/grow/deliver itself to your door
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    A friend of mine is a rare case. He's a vegan that doesn't tell everyone he meets or doesn't wear t-shirts that tell everyone, he also doesn't push his belief on others. He also hates other vegans :lol:
    Like I say, he's a rare vegan

    I don't smoke
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    Of course it is but the gasses given off from livestock are a bigger problem than the gasses given off from vehicles during delivery of produce by a long way. On top of that is the stupidly inefficient way in which we produce massive amounts of crops to feed livestock....Easily enough food in the world but when it takes 2,500 gallons of water, 12 pounds of grain, 35 pounds of topsoil and the energy equivalent of one gallon of gasoline to produce one pound of feedlot beef then we are using resources in the least efficient way possible.

    Its not a product, it is a creature.....Constantly see stuff on social media about the dispicable treatment of dogs by the chinese etc and yet we will happily treat pigs, cattle, chickens, ducks, sheep in an equally disgusting manner.
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    Surprised they didn't just give you a course anyway post op if you were showing symptoms of infection.
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    Of course they are, ironically as a vegan I rarely mention it but fuck me do meat eaters bang on about it when you dare to say you cant eat something....Fuckers that are filling themselves with saturated fats, antibiotic riddled shit and have shocking diets but mention that you live on a plant based diet and they cannot wait to lecture you on protein intake and vitamin deficiencies.....Ironically despite the level of obesity there are millions of obese meat eaters suffering from malnutrition.
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