Why can't I buy anti-biotics?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by safcforever, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. heroesof73

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    soz marra didnt realise you were owt there. Arnly a village where I am and had that system for years and can order repeat prescriptions online direct to pick up at Chemist.
    Toronto seemed pretty state of the art when we were there back in 2001 although yes Niagara was a bit different!
  2. becs

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    That might still be viral.

    I'm immunosuppressed so sometimes it takes me a good 2-3 weeks to fully get over a simple cold, including the symptoms as above. I've never had antibiotics for it and just wait it out with the usual paracetamol and throat lozenges etc.
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  3. Frijj

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    The Spanish still selling antibiotics?

    Fucking morons
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  4. Secret Visage

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    By the carrier bag full.

  5. CraigyLee

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    OP clearly asking to find out what's the best online pharmacist so he can buy blue pills
  6. Tex

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    Stock up when I go to Mexico.
    Mind they often sit in the cupboard unused until they expire but for the sake of $15 a bottle it makes me feel good to know I have them!
  7. PTR

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    What we need is a massive shift towards testing rather than treating.

    Take a swab, get an answer in 48hrs as to whether an antibiotic will help or not.
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  8. I bet there’s some fucked up kidneys in the countries you can buy them over the counter
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  9. alisafc

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    Can just about get any medication over the counter in Spain. I stock up on steroids every time we're over :D
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  10. becs

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    Even when I had an obvious infection after an operation, I still had to do a swab to confirm it!
  11. citybythesea

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    Because they are controlled medicine s and the overuse is causing selective pressures given rise to superbugs
  12. FootballFan

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    that is rubbish, dont believe everything you read on here
  13. Secret Visage

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  14. raindog

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    Will mankind survive the next proper pandemic?
  15. Joe Public

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    Because you aren’t a doctor.
  16. AndrewP

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    A swab of what?
  17. Frijj

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    Maybe. It’ll be viral though, so antibiotics would be useless anyways.
  18. raindog

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    Its my biggest fear for my kids and theirs
  19. AndrewP

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    Usually if they suspect a uti, they'll dip a stick in the piss and prescribe anti biotics if the dip stick shows up protein etc. They'll then send the piss off to see if cultures grow overnight, this ensures the bug is sensitive to the anti biotics prescribed.

    With things like chest infections, then can send off a sample to see if cultures grow too, but there's no quick test in primary care, so without an underlying condition they'll probably not prescribe until the results of the cultures are back.

    Obviously if you present at A&E they can do blood tests to check CRP levels too, and start oral/IV anti biotics if appropriate.

    Yes. Don't worry, the elite will survive.
  20. Bagpuss

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    Resistance to antibiotics the single biggest threat to the human race.....Maybe if they stopped pumping animals that we eat full of it then this would be less of a problem....... #govegan
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